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    screws for chipboard and mdf

    hi all i was making a draw to sit under my workbench using offcuts of melamine faced chipboard, just buttjointed using glue and zinc coated chipboard screws 4mmX40, found the scews did not grip well in chipboard, i had some black screws that originally came supplied with an old kitchen unit ...
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    getting a square cut on ends of floorboards/

    hi all i was given some oak tounge and groove flooring 4"x3/4" which a neibour thought might be suitable for my kitchen floor, decided flooring did not suite my kitchen style, so wish to lay the flooring in my loft. as loft flooring joists are 500mm and 700mm spacings , and oak flooring...
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    book suggestions for inbuilt wardrobes and storage cabinet

    hello all after watching a program on sky called conversion where a house was being converted into flats, the carpenter constructed some wall units out of plain mdf with hinged doors running nearly the full height of floor to ceiling, and virtually the full width of the room, although i...
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    ugrading my router fence/

    hi all find my charnwood router fence could do with some improvements, so looking for suggestions. fence is fixed to a aluminium L shaped angle with single screw. i find in practise outfeed fence tends to rise up and down in use ,and both sides do not stay parellel. the fence faces are just...
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    how to route a mock door panel feature

    hi all if for example i have a plain interior door , and wish to add a decorative feature. so giving the appearance of a raised panel or simular enhancement, in theory i could purchase some 6mm mdf , make a rectangular or square appeture .cut appeture with jigsaw.possible route using a...
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    fence info for hitachi c10 ra saw table

    hi all i retrived a hitachi c10 ra table saw from a neighbours skip, and am assured it works ok ,though have not tried it yet. however there is no fence with the saw ,so i need some suggestions on making a diy fence, looking at the saw table top its a bit baffaling how the fence actualy...
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    are there differant quality grades of mdf

    hi all some time ago i purchased a fire surround from b&Q , as far as i can tell this is made from mdf, the surround has some fairly intricate routing all joints near nigh perfect. having purchased a sheet of mdf from b&Q 12mm thick i believe , used some offcuts with my modest router...
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    getting a true/square edge on a router table

    hi i am having a go at making a jig, using an off cut of laminate mdf flooring about 6mm thick. i set up router table fence with the 1/2" straight cutter just proud of the fence and proceeded to pass the mdf through a couple of times. i ended up with a bow in the middle of the mdf , rather...
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    how to route small circles trend t3

    hi all i wish to produce a (washer) size 5 " outside, with a 4" central hole, i have no trammel attatchment for t3 ,but in anycase the moter housing /base does not allow me to get a 2"rad. so i need to make a jig for t3, have had a look for info ,but there are so many differant vertions...
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    modest priced router guide clamps or home made

    hi all been looking to purchase a router guide clamp to make things a bit easier when routing. these seem to come in various varities trend/axminster/ and prices is there a modest clamp guide that works ok . or do people just use a home made tee square or guide battern. if i just wish to...
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    new yankee workshop what is this tool?

    hi all was watching n,y workshop on sky, very interesting norm makes things look nice and easy with all the tools at his disposal. but he was fitting some hinges to a cabinet and used a tool in his cordless drill , that when drilling the screw holes , centered the actual drill bit , so the...
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    mounting a circular saw in a home made table any kits ??

    hello all have bog standard b&Q circular saw and wish to mount this in a home made table for ease of use, i am aware of products like easy way and the australian product that mounts saw ,router etc in proprietry bench. cannot seem to find info ideas how to mount saw, the saw moter is long so...
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    laminate floor edging trim slopes in relation to existing sk

    hi all have just had laminate floor laid,purchased some 16mm quadrant to go round perimeter of flooring, but have found the floor slopes slightly downward, the existing skirting board runs slightly upward, putting the quadrant on the floor the effect looks wonky ,not sure how i can overcome...
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    mdf skirting which jigsaw blade

    i was trying to cut some mdf skirting board 69mm wide x 14mm thick at 45degree mitre, not having a suitable mitre block to hand. saw in a book that a jigsaw could be used with baseplate set to 45degrees,and running the jigsaw base against a guide battern to cut skirting. my b&decker jigsaw...
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    info on how to hang a door or pdfs please

    hi all i wish to change two doors in my living room from painted panel doors to pine with glass, purely to save on painting, however having asked the price for fitting doors from three carpenters the going rate seems to be in the £45 -£50 region per door . must admit i am not brimming with...
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    power planer am i using it correctly

    hi all just purchased a wickes power planer at the weekend for £20 gave it a try today, tried on hardwood 30mm x30mm x 300mm , wood was square when i started after planning one face i appeared to have a slight curve over the length of stock. tried on longer piece of softwood 25mm wide...
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    workcenters benches for mounting powersaw/routers etc

    hi all read with interest there are workcenters avaliable these are benches that you can mount a power saw underneath, use with router ,belt sander etc, can only find the likes of the ezemate at £160+vat. are there any more modest priced vertions avaliable and where to purchase, seem to...
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    how to cut fiberbord and get half descent straight/square fi

    hi all was trying to cut an offcut of the white fiberboard/ melamine as sold by the likes of bq/whicks the stuff that is used for kitchen base units shelfs etc and is coated either side with white finish. size wanted was 100mm x 400mm used tenon saw to cut ends but the white coating chipped on...
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    online source for plastic knobs screws bolts etc please

    have tried to find online source for knobs/handles screws bolts, the reason is i might have a go at building a modest router table ang jigs, but reqiure knobs etc but cannot find a good online source in the uk for such items. thank you
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    woodworking with the router book baseplateand mounting plate

    hi all just got from libery woodworking with the router it gives info on making your own router table. it mentions baseplates and mounting plates for use with table page 65 are these the same thing. it mentions "rabbiting" you route a hole in table to suite the dimentions and shape of router...