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    buying wood- what really annoys me...

    SteL - I'm tempted to report your last post to the moderators. It could be considered as SPAM!!
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    Just had an interesting conversation with my Mum - standard Sunday evening, whilst dinner cooking. Chatting to her about what I was doing this weekend, I found out that she was involved in adjudicating exams such as this in the early 70s - in her case it was Dressmaking. Apparently, exam tests...
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    Thank you very much! If it was not for the 25 mins lost due to the cock up, I would have been 30 mins over. If I got the sawing good off the bat, I would have been on the money. I can now see how it is very much down to "muscle memory" ( I don't like that term - practise is the term I prefer) I...
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    Orphan lambs! If I don't go down with a scoop of sheep nuts I will have them demanding!!!
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    As promised, I gave this challenge a go this morning. My overall recommendation is to give it a try. It is good for focussing the mind, and shows very quickly where you can improve.both in quality of work, and timeliness. All Set, ready to go. Including the (not quite) early morning cuppa -...
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    Best choice to finish a dancefloor?

    Best choice to finish a dancefloor? Bow to your partner and exit to the bar post haste :lol:
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    End Grain fixings

    Are you referring to threaded inserts? You can get them as hammer in type: https://www.axminstertools.com/axminste ... -10-800401 Or as screw in type: https://www.axminstertools.com/ujk-tech ... -10-103408
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    Dining chairs

    Very nice. I do like that back styling. Also, the crisp, clean chamfers on the tops of the legs.
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    Been reading this thread with interest. I'm going to have a go at it on Saturday morning. I've found a piece of poplar to use. However, as it is only a 1 inch board, I am glueing a couple of pieces together to make the square section. With the exception of the mortices, where I will use the...
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    Chisels--getting into woodwork

    I have a set of the Red/Yellow Irwin Marples. Had them for about 10 years and I'm just starting to outgrow them now. Thoroughly recommend as a starter set. Chris
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    Things I know today - that I didn't yesterday....

    But the Royal Navy has - Sea Harriers against Skyhawks in the Falklands
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    Why aren't 'dovetailed M/Ts' more popular?

    The difference with Matt's dovetail housing in the case is that the dovetail slots in to the endgrain of the board, so there is more crossgrain to crossgrain surface area for glue. As Mike says, these joints are used more for knockdown furniture.
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    lockdown haircuts

    Plenty of time to devise a bandsaw jig to do it :D
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    Dewalt 20v body using 18v battery

    As far as I know, yep. US measure Max voltage from battery immediately after they come off charge. EU method is to let them settle before reading the nominal voltage.
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    Pub seating

    I have just been asked to make some benches for my local pub, and I'm after some on how best to finish them. The brief from the landlord is that they are to be softwood and finished in a wax. So I will be using U/S whitewood. They are going in to a dark corner, so I want them to be light in...
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    To glue or not to glue

    Funny - I looked at this and thought this design looked better without the end apron, especially where the aprons flare in thickness at their end. I think that it would look too chunky otherwise. As you rightly say, each to their own :D The first piece of furniture I made was a coffee table...
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    Repair a wheelbarrow inner tube?

    Hi Bob, the internal diameter of the bottle spout was larger than the ext-diameter of the tyre valve so I was getting leakage. By my third tyre, I started to wrap the whole thing in Duck Tape and so leakage was at a minimum.
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    Repair a wheelbarrow inner tube?

    Having a horsey wife, our wheelbarrows get a hard treatment. I've had solid tyred barrows in the past, but across fields to the muck heap, they are not that control-able. My local garden machinery place recommended Linseal. https://www.linseal.com/ For small tubed tyres (barrows, sack trucks...
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    French Cleats

    I must confess that I use a cleat to hang heavy items such as tool cabinets on the wall. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) It is easier to screw a baton on the wall and secure it perfectly horizontal, then lift the cabinet on to the wall. 2) It hides the mounting screws from view
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    Clamping 45 Degree Leg-Rail Joint

    Could you treat it in the same way as clamping a mitre frame and glue up all four legs at the same time by wrapping a ratchet strap around it (with suitable protection to the edges)? HTH,