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    Razor saw

    If a string was, say, 0.3mm in diameter and a semicircular groove of 1mm diameter was cut so that the lowest part of the groove was in the correct string position, wouldn't the string just sit at the bottom of it without having to be supported halfway around its circumference?
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    Razor saw

    Thanks for the advice and references, which I've followed up/thought about. The snag is that pukka files would set me back £65 - £70, which is a lot to add to the cost of a single guitar. There are cheaper sets on eBay but from halfway round the world and no dimensions are given. I happened...
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    Razor saw

    I've been looking at various "razor saws" on the web, but only one - which looks like a razor blade with teeth - gives the blade thickness (0.006). I want to cut notches in bone to locate guitar strings and the maximum cut for the thinnest string should be no more than 0.3mm (.012") and...
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    Reciprocating (sabre) saw

    Thanks for all the reassurance. I'm a bit surprised that the manual makes no mention of this movement, if only to calm the nerves of neurotics like me. However, the machine's certainly sturdy and efficient and is a great success on the work I'm doing blitzing an old hedge. Edwin
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    Reciprocating (sabre) saw

    As the Hitachi blade supplied has the same movement as the others, I'm fairly sure that all the blades are suitable for the saw and they all lock onto the pin with no fore-and-aft movement at all. The vertical movement is about 15mm - 20mm at the tip of a 240mm blade, as one reply indicates...
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    Reciprocating (sabre) saw

    I've just bought an Hitachi reciprocating saw, mainly for use on green wood. When the blade is in the socket and firmly locked for the sawing movement, there's still up-and-down play of the blade in the socket. That is, it swivels on the pin that holds it into the socket. The one blade (for...
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    Septic Tanks

    Roy, make the most of being 71. I'm close on 80 and ladies have long given up climbing ladders to see me in my loft. I'm searching my fading memory to recall when they did. Edwin
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    Been asked to make the following .

    Is it to be a display cabinet with drawers or a single, shallow case with a transparent top that you might put on a table? Is there any requirement for the appearance - for example, solid wood showing the grain?
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    Real woodwork?

    OK, Digit - fair point about the Mail, though I didn't make it. Let's get back to an important question. Does newsprint qualify as woodwork?
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    Router choice

    I have an old half-inch Elu router (1800w) that does everything you might expect in that power range. However, by far the best purchase I've made in the last couple of years has been the Bosch GKF600, which used to be sold as a laminate trimmer but is listed in the latest Axy catalogue as a...
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    Real woodwork?

    "At its best, the making of things is an all-absorbing activity. It seems odd to have so many people in Britain making things purely as a hobby, when we might be earning our living making high-quality modern products every bit as desirable in their own way as bright new BMWs. The truth is, a...
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    Real woodwork?

    There's an article in today's Guardian about the contrast between the economy of Germany, in which making things is of great importance, and ours, in which consuming things sold here but made elsewhere is most prominent. The last paragraph seems relevant to this thread. "At its best, the...
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    Need to upgrade

    I got the AWFS18 a few weeks ago and it performs very well. As recommended by another member of the forum, I bought the Hegner clamp for the upper end of the blade, which is far better tnan the Allen system if you want to change blades frequently. It's a heavy machine and that helps to reduce...
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    My first finished chess set.

    This is beautiful work and must have taken you a long time to design and make. It's also far more than a chess set, because of the motive you had for making it. I'm sure that your nephew will cherish it and so, in due course, will his children. Congratulations!
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    For newbies, from a near-newbie

    You may be right about being a minority, but the membership's quite substantial and well informed. The great thing about it for me (joined recently) is the speed with which people respond and the positive way they do so. If the minority is a tiny one, its enthusiasm makes it seem far bigger...
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    Help please - Christmas present for a novice woodworker

    There are quite a lot of unknowns here, mainly what tools your husband already has, and what his skill level is. I'm not sure what sort of kits are available or what tools they need. I would take Steve's line and buy some good tools that would be useful whether he was working on a kit or an...
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    Mikes Blades........again.

    This is from the HM Revenue and Customs web site. All other goods If you order or send purchased goods other than alcohol, tobacco, perfume and toilet water from a country outside the EU then you: •don't have to pay Excise Duty •may have to pay Customs Duty on goods with a value that exceeds...
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    Panic stations can anyone help please..

    Hello Dave, For something as small as that, I would use a piece of ply or MDF (6mm or so) of the dimensions you give, and two pieces of 2"X2" softwood 18" or so long. Near the end of each piece cut a slot across the width just wide enough to take the ply or MDF, and about half the depth of...
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    Panic stations can anyone help please..

    A lot will depend on the size they want, which I imagine may be for some sort of Christmas tableau. Ally's method can be used for any stage sets, but the size he gives (8' x 4') may be much more than you need in this case.
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    Local Timber recycling Centres

    Is there a place in Nottingham where you can get recycled chickens?