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  1. Tim Nott

    Danish oil

    Right I have given the dining table I made thirty years ago five coats of the bloody stuff and it's still patchy. Dull patches surrounded by unpleasantly glossy ones. So, how do I get rid of this and go back to varnish? Is there a stripper for danish oil?
  2. Tim Nott

    Floating stairs

    I want to build a floating staircase, with ash treads and a central sectional steel spine. Does anyone know where I can get the steel sections from? I haven't had any luck with Google - only complete sets of stairs seem to be available.
  3. Tim Nott

    Re-finishing a table

    I have a maple dining table that I made around 1990. Originally it was finished with a sprayed pre-cat lacquer, but has since been re-done with V33 water-based kitchen and bathroom varnish, bought here in France. This has worn badly and there are now several bare patches. Any suggestions for a...
  4. Tim Nott

    Random Orbital Sander

    Any one know what the Velcro-like stuff on the pad of a ROS is, and where it can be obtained? I have a Bosch GEX125 1AE, which has seen little use, and the stuff is worn so it no longer grips the sandpaper discs which go flying off across the workshop. Short of buying an entire new pad (around...
  5. Tim Nott

    Stripping a table

    I have a maple dining table that I made a long time ago, and it needs refinishing. The last time this was done was with a water-based kitchen and bathroom varnish. What does the team think is the best way of stripping this? I am reluctant to try heavy sanding as there is a band of inlay.
  6. Tim Nott

    Starter for Startrite 352 bandsaw.

    I have a Startrite 352 bandsaw and the (separate) starter is buggered - it blows the tripswitch when plugged in to the 3-phase supply. I'm having trouble finding out what capacity of starter to buy to replace it - anyone have any ideas?
  7. Tim Nott

    Starter fault.

    I have a 3-phase Startrite bandsaw. The other night, around 11 pm, the lights went out. The next day, I checked what caused the switch to trip - it was the bandsaw. Unplugging it solved the problem, temporarily. It can only be the starter - I've checked the cables and plug - and there's a bang...
  8. Tim Nott

    Dining chairs

    Just made eight of these, and boy, did they take ages. They're based on a Kevin Rodell design from Fine Woodworking, but the backs are all mine with a little inspiration from Charles Rennie Macintosh. I couldn't afford leather, so I made woven reed seats instead of Rodell's upholstered ones...
  9. Tim Nott

    Mitre saw

    Apologies if you've seen this elsewhere, but any recommendations for a sliding mitre saw? Festool and the new Bosch axial-glide are out of budget - hoping to spend about 400-500 for a saw and stand. Preferably a 9" blade, good dust extraction and light enough to take on site. TIA, Tim
  10. Tim Nott

    3-phase motor

    I THOUGHT I was being very clever when I wired the 3-phase dust extractor up to the starter switch of the combination machine, so when any motor was started/stopped so was the extractor. I did it posh by mounting a 3-phase socket on the outsid of the combi This worked fine, but after about a...
  11. Tim Nott

    Box lids

    I'm making a box to hold the million little peices that came with a dovetail jig. I want to be able to remove the lid completely, so not hinged. Couldn't do the trick of sawing halfway through the sides before assembly, as the corners are box joints, not mitres, so a gap would show a the...
  12. Tim Nott

    Leigh vs Trend/Akeda dovetail jig

    OK, this has probably been done to death but I need a DT jig fairly urgently to replace an old and knackered B&D. Must have variable spacing. Seems to narrow down to the Leigh Super jig 12" or The Trend 400 Anyone have experience of both? Please no cut 'em by hand comments - last time I did that...
  13. Tim Nott

    Finishing a garden gate

    An oak door, destined to hang in a stone garden wall. What finish would you recommend. Someone suggested Linseed oil but according to Charles Hayward you need to apply a coat a day for 'several weeks' so sod that. A vid on FWW recommends nothin (that's for outdoor furniture) as it will go grey...
  14. Tim Nott

    Sash windows guide

    Anyone who is interested - and even those who aren't - can find this at http://www.timnott.co.uk/Stuff/sashwindows.pdf All the best Tim
  15. Tim Nott

    Hingeing MDF

    Cabinet doors - largest is 1400mm high by 450mm wide. These are to be set in face frames, and made in 18mm (or maybe 25mm) MDF with 10mm panels. They are going to be painted, and there's a lot of them. Is trying to hang them on brass butt hinges a complete no-no? Client wants a Shaker style...
  16. Tim Nott

    Wandering jigsaw

    I'm trying to cut some 4" x 4" softwood using a new Makita jigsaw (the posh model) and some bfo Makita 155mm blades, billed as 'for deep cuts in softwood suitable for roofing and joinery' Every cut veers off to bottom left. Tried a new blade and every combination of speed/pendulum to no avail...
  17. Tim Nott

    Somerset firm

    Anyone ever had any dealings with these guys? http://www.twsbridgwater.co.uk/ I'm considering buying a s/h tenoner off them
  18. Tim Nott

    Trend T5 router

    Has anyone got one of these? If so would they be so kind as to let me know the diameter and spacing of the bars that the fence mounts on? Cheers
  19. Tim Nott

    Scribing tenons

    I have a lot of doors (house) and windows to make, which call for moulded stiles and rails and scribed tenons. About 150 tenons, not all the same. In an ideal world I'd get hold of a s/h tenoner, eg a Sedgwick or Multico, but such things don't seem to exist in this part of the world (France)...
  20. Tim Nott


    I need a 'grown-up' jigsaw to replace an old green Bosch 360 watt. Shortlisted are the Makita 4350 or 4351, the Dewalt 331 or the Bosch GST 135 The Bosch looks dead clever with its blade guide sytstem - bit like bandsaw and has had glowing magazine reviews but user forums (both in UK and US...