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  1. J

    Total comprehensive shop equipment and materials sale

    Due to disability all must go. Large comprehensive range. Lots brand new. Write for details. No silly offers please.
  2. J

    Interesting People

    I recently met a bloke, Gary, who's a fanatic about Sci Fi. His favourite is Dr Who and in his back garden he's got a home made Tardis and a couple of full size Darleks, which you can get inside of and move around in. The Darleks are basically a softwood frame on wheels, using a variety of lap...
  3. J

    Smith & Sweetman

    Has anyone seen the Smith & Sweetman Workshop prog. currently being put out on Sky ? Forgive me if I'm being over critical, but if the standard of work they churn out is that of "Master Craftsmen" it's basically cr*p. If the prog. is meant to teach woodworkers how to go about their beloved...
  4. J

    screen name

    Does anyone know how to go about changing a screen name? Ta Mike
  5. J

    Sealing cut edges of MDF

    To be quite honest I don't like using the horrible dusty stuff but can't deny it's cheap and stable. I recently had to make up some radiator cabinets/covers and MDF seemed the natural choice. They were to have a paint finish. All the tools I used were TCT and sharp. I sanded all the cut...
  6. J

    Downloading progs from BBC7 Dab Radio

    This is probably a question that's been asked before but----- Can I download a prog from BBC7 eg. The Navy Lark to my PC and if so how? If anyone cares to reply please keep advice simple as I'm really quite thick and not computer literate. Thanks in advance. Mike
  7. J

    Linseed oil

    Can anyone who knows the answer please get back to me. Apart from the obvious what's the difference between boiled and raw linseed oil. According to my new Guru, Alan Herd, he cuts his French polish with 1/3 linseed oil to act as a lubricant. What type should I use. Like most woodworkers I's...
  8. J

    Pocket hole screw quest.

    Morning all. A friend is making up a load of frames and is looking to use the Kreg Pocket Jig. However he's strugglng to find a supplier of 2 1/2", coarse thread pan head screws to use with the jig. Anyone got any solutions? Any advice would be very welcome. Mike H
  9. J

    Pocket hole screw jigs

    Has anyone got any experience of using these jigs. A|friend is making up loads of frames and racks and is thinking of buying one. Screwfix do a cheap version and Axminster do a range including both Kreg and their own brand. Much more expensive - but there must be a difference What do you use and...
  10. J

    Yes or No

    Anyone any comments about using using a jointer to edge plane some MDF and Chipboard?
  11. J

    Advice needeed on leaking roof

    Help please guys :- I've just put up a new workshop which has a corrugated PVC roof - mainly to let in good light. The roof panels overlap side to side by 150mm and so do the ends. Everything looked hunky dory but this morning I woke up to a big puddle on the chipboard floor. Not good. Floor...
  12. J

    Is it a millimeter

    Am I right in thinking that one complete turn of a nut on a metric bolt eg m6 or m8 is equal to onr millimeter of travel either up or down the bolt ? Reason is for jig making. Thanks anyone who can help hh.
  13. J

    bandsaw blades again

    Does Dure Edge have a web site? Anyone know the address? Can't find it using google! Ta much hh
  14. J

    Dust extractor efficiency

    Can anyone explain to a simple soul like me why the length of hose or rigid tubing in a well sealed extraction system should effect the performance of the machine. All gates are close fitting and all filters are clean. Also does it effect performance if the hoses from the machines run down...
  15. J

    Workshop Roof Pitch

    Can anyone advise the minimum pitch I need for my roof (corrugated PVC) The roof span is 12ftw x 14ftl not load bearing. Thanks chaps and chapettes hh.
  16. J

    Routing - How much in one pass?

    Am I not right in believing that when cutting a rebate in the edge of a panel against a fence less than half the diameter of the cutter, irrespective of the hight of the cutter set, should be presented tp the wood at any one time to prevent tearing the timber. Of course I'm not using a bearing...
  17. J

    Can/will you turn me four legs for a bed.

    I'm thinking of making myself a new bed and rather than the rectangular section legs I've used before fancy turned ones. However I've never used a lathe - they scare the life out of me. Give me a shaper any day. If you are interested in helping me with this project please PM me for a chat...
  18. J

    Look Ma.....No brads

    I really enjoyed watching Great British Woodshop in the early hours of this morning. Although I am a tremendous fan of Norm it does p. me off when he makes a good looking piece only to, in my view, spoil it by wanging in several nails, the heads of which need filling and must be obvious in the...
  19. J

    WANTED D/T Jig

    I've used a router for years but have never tried d/t's, Normally i've used finger joints which I make on the router table, using a home made jig. Good and strong but I'd like to ring the changes. Anyone interested in parting with an unwanted jig, maybe because of upgrading, please let me know...
  20. J

    Renovating a Minton Tiled Floor

    in the passage of my new house (a late victorian terrace) under the carpet is a lovely tiled floor. The tiles look in good nick although some need re-setting. They are quite dirty and the carpet was stuck down with double sided tape which has made a mess. Although this is not a chippy question...