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    Infrared heaters.

    Am looking for an infa red heater, for a workshop. Are they all much the same, or is there some with better or more useful features.
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    Bowl gouge. Deep flute

    Am looking for bowl gouge to replace my well used and rather short Henry Taylor. Am looking for one that is deep fluted and a U shaped as opposed to the ones that are ground from a round bar. Have looked but not been able to find any. Any suggestions for makers.
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    Latest addition. Kelly pillar drill.

    This is the latest addition to the workshop. Have always wanted an old English pillar drill. All the good ones went for too much on eBay. However found this by chance, had never heard of this make before. But just what I wanted and for a decent price £120. It's in fairly good nick. No holes in...
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    Big V chisel.

    Found this in one of some tool boxes I inherited from my grand father. As can be seen its all metal, and the angle is approximately 60 degrees on the cutting edge. Have no idea what it is used for, my grandfather was a shipwright but have never seen it used in boat building. [/url][/img]...
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    Stanley 50

    I have recently acquired the below Stanley 50, all the bits are there and it's in nearly new condition, even though it has to be over 40 years old. On a post somewhere else on this forum somebody posted that they had added a wooden strip to the fence of a similar plane. The question is how did...
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    What make of plane.

    Any of you gents know a possible maker and date for this No5. I also have a No4 with a corrugated sole. They must be fairly old as they were my grandfather and he retired as a shipwright / boat builder in the late 60's. Hope this picture inserting lark works.
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    Stanley 80 scraper.

    I know how to sharpen an ordinary cabinet scraper, however have acquired on of these to save the cramp in my hands, and have no idea how these are sharpen. Do they have a burr formed or just a bevel. Steps back and waits for arguments about angles and best sharpening equipment.