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    Workshop hire-out cost?

    Morning all. I'm due to be away for 4 weeks in July/August. A company has asked to hire my workshop while I'm away and set two joiners away in here (I know and trust them both). The question is, how much to charge for such a thing? Monthly w/shop rent to me is £1000 inc VAT Plus around £150...
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    Imperial Blade Bore Reducer Source

    Hi all. Anyone know a good source for these reducers? I have some old but gold blades with a 1 1/4" bore that I need to reduce down to 1" bore for my Wadkin BRA. All I can find online are reducers that work from an initial 30mm blade bore size. e.g the ones that Axminster stock Cheers!
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    Anyone need a Wadkin AGS10/12 riving knife?

    I need a riving knife for my AGS 10. I've drawn a DXF of one from a scan of an original riving knife and I'm about to get some laser cut in 2.5mm stainless. Anyone else need one? If so send me a PM and we can make the arrangements. Cheers!
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    Work trousers - not baggy ones! Any suggestions?

    Right. I've been looking all over and it seems that ALL work trousers are designed with a nod towards 90s hip hop / indie Madchester baggy / old skool rave fashions. I can't stand all the extra fabric flapping around snagging on stuff while I'm working, or the sound of the fabric rubbing when...
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    Wadkin BRA 350 Radial Arm - Safety Help

    Hi My new workshop has a wadkin BRA 350 radial saw saw left over from the building's former life as a coachworks in the 70's. The saw is in good order and runs very smoothly. It's got a metal roller bed and flip over finger stop on each side - it is awesome. I've got a new blade for it too...
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    Wadkin 12 BGP Buying advice

    Hello all. This is my first post on here! I'm migrating from my home garage to a proper workshop and I'm looking for something more robust than my current Kity table saw. I've been offered a 1968 Wadkin 12 BGP panel saw in bits (I'm told it's all there and it looks to be) for £200. Single...