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    Evening all

    Evening all! Wots your name then? Dixon of Dock Green? 😂😂😂😂 Anyway welcome. Have fun and remember that you really only learn from your mistakes, just like wot I have done. Martin
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    @NickDReed Looks good though I don't quite understand how it works. Does the top rail pull out to disclose some devious welly holders? Martin
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    Vacuum cleaner RFI filter replacement, help please.

    The first call trick to see if the piece of kit you had just designed needed masses of rfi suppression was to put a radio by it, particularly an AM radio. If turning the device on blotted out the radio then it was generating a lot of rfi. Similarly try making a mobile phone call, then...
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    Critique my first project.

    Is there a similar trick for router planes like a '71'? FleeceBay prices are shockingly fantastic. (Sorry to divert thread)
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    Looking for a type of file but I don't know what it's called.

    Well found. Can you give a link please 'cos 546 691 doesn't show a file! :dunno:
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    Auto master/slave switch

    I see it is rated to 3120 Watts that is 14A at 220VAC. Yep I'm up for a couple. Thanks. Martin
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    Critique my first project.

    I agree with most of the other's comments especially it's a great first effort. I encourage you to keep going. It'll get better and easier. I always make my pins and tails a bit longer than needed (only half to one mm) so I can trim them back flush with the sides. Makes it much neater. One...
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    Hand cut bridle joints

    A hand router is brilliant for the tenon but the mortice? And fleabay??? I bought a serviceable #71 several years ago for about £40 (in OK but not good condition) but have you seen the prices these days? Ow! You'll be lucky to get any change from £100 and more likely be paying £120 for a good...
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    Garden bench slats

    I upcycling a pair of bench ends three or four years ago using kiln dried oak for the new woodwork. I carefully and slowly varnished them with yatch varnish: it looked great. But now the varnish has cracked and the oak is going grey around each split so it doesn't look so good anymore. I guess...
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    Looking for a type of file but I don't know what it's called.

    I had my Abrafile so long ago that I can't really remember why I bought it but as I was mildly into getting the best out of my cars & motorbikes I'd guess I used it to clean & smooth the inside of the induction & exhaust ports within the head casting. I didn't have an electric drill back then...
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    Looking for a type of file but I don't know what it's called.

    @Chris Dancer I guess this is what you are after and you are correct: it is an Abrafile. I've not used this for many a year but useful occasionally. I still don't know where to get one though or even if they are still manufactured. All the best . Martin
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    Looking for a type of file but I don't know what it's called.

    An abrafile to my mind is a straight round blade held in a hacksaw frame with an abrasive coating as you describe. I don't know what the yellow handled jobby is called though I may have one. If I still have one I'll see if it has a brand name on it and post again later. Martin Edited...
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    Bench Dog System

    Three suggestions: make the jaw longer back towards the clamp handle so it cannot tip as much; make the jaw Tee shaped in cross section so it fits snugly in the slot under the bench top and angle the jaw face from left to right (as in your pictures) as the face descends so the contact point...
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    Confused about screws

    Slightly off topic though with strong connotations. Using screws which are self drilling causes some users grief because they don't clamp the two parts being joined up tight. The screw cuts it's own thread into both parts so they cannot be pulled together. So either clamp tightly before...
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    Jet JWBS-16 Bandsaw - electrical issues

    Just a thought: capacitor measures 18.6uF but, as you may have an earth leakage fault, is there a conductive path from either capacitor terminal to it's case?
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    Refurbishing lettering on brass sundial

    @Jbonevia interesting video though I'm not sure why a renovation should require quite so much fettling of existing parts.
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    Refurbishing lettering on brass sundial

    I have a 3mm thick brass sundial plate where I'd like to refurbish the engraved lettering. My current idea is to clean out the lettering as best I can possibly using a brass wire brush and then polish the whole surface. Then paint the lettering black without having to be too careful and then...
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    Decent casters for mitre saw cabinet

    Just had these 75mm ones delivered. Seem to be solid enough. The lock works on both the wheel and the 'spin'. A tenner from fleabay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383656455736?var=652063753151
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    Twas meant as an upper cylinder cleaner to extend time between decokes. And, wow, how the smoke smelled.
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    Using a hacksaw cutting big(gish) stuff. Or how to saw a railway line.

    Well done Dave. I'm not sure I'd have so much patience. I believe the 14TPI blades were being phased out because there are so few people sawing through railway lines these days. 😂😂