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    Carpenters tool box?

    Hi guys I’ve not posted here for a long time. I’ve been mulling over my tool storage. I have a workshop but a lot of my work takes me out on site or to other people’s workshops. I am forever frustrated with the lack of organisation in my how I carry my hand tools. I’ve bought bags and totes...
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    Axminster AWSMS 102

    Hi guys I'm looking at getting this Saturday night. Can't find much info on it. Anybody used it? What do people think? Cheers.
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    Best book on making double glazed windows.

    Hi guys, Struggling to find a decent book on window construction. My plan is to buy sealed double glazing units. I just want to know best way to go about all of it. Cheers guys
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    Where do you find your work?

    Hi guys, I'm a full time cabinet maker but I'm dipping my toe in the self employed furniture maker pool. I've had small success from etsy but not enough. How do other people find there work? I have a garage and slowly but surely trying to kit it out. I'm lucky to have a friend that lets me use...
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    First lathe

    I'm looking at a NU Tool CH37 3 Foot Wood Turning Lathe for a first lathe. Is this a good idea? found one relatively cheap. looks sturdy, old but sturdy. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks Matt
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    ring folds?

    little help with a tidy way to make ring folds. What material i could use for the folds. The lining fabric is going to be suede. Thanks for your time. Matt
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    japense woodworking?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su-HtsdyNNk Watching this vidio i find my self in aor. Wondered if anybody could shed some light on the prosses in english or how i could learn more about it? Thanks for your time. Matt
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    Timber with rust preventing properties?

    I'm looking at making another tool box, as i'm hoping Santa is going to bless me with a load more tools. So the plan is to keep to a plain Jane MDF carcass but make some dovetailed draws on a timber running system. The idea being that the draws and running system are always kept but the MDF...
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    Traveling Cabinetmaker

    Hi guys My names Matt and I'm 21. I am a cabinetmaker at Paul Davey's and I studied at Peter Seftons furniture school, I've been at work for nearly 2 years and I did the full course at Pete's before hand. I'm interested in trying to get a placement in a different country working as a cabinet...
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    Acme thread?

    Hi all I'm looking at making my own vice and so far what i've read the usual zinc plated all thread just isn't man enough for the job. I've read something about Acme threaded rod but can't seem to find any uk suppliers so any advise on pointing me in the right direction would be much...
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    how to secure sacrificial MDF?

    Hi I've made the base for a work bench and i have a solid top to go on and then i want to put a sacrificial piece of MDF on, but i don't want any pieces of metal on the surface so screws and nails out. Any idea's will be much appreciated thank you. Matt
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    Cheap, solid workbench top ?

    Making a work bench the under frame is nearly complete and i'm looking at what i have for a top, which is 18 mm MDF with a edge structure of 64mmx44mm pine and i just don't think its man enough. I need cheap as chips but strong as ox and preferably has no chance of damaging any edged tools i put...
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    DMT Dia-sharp stones?

    Looking for the best place and price to get a coarse, fine, extra fine at 8 in x 3in. Any idea's? Matt
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    Small bench mounted bandsaw

    I'm looking for a small bench mounted, 2 wheel bandsaw. For general use, ripping and small amount of deeping. Obviously cheapest possible for what's required. Advise please and recommendations. Cheers Matt
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    Re-handling ward mortice chisels?

    Like some good reliable info on putting new handles on old ward morticing chisels if possible? I bought some from a car boot and the handles need re-doing. Thanks Matt
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    Chisel storage?

    Hay guys Looking for some cool links, pics or just general info on some idea's on how to store chisels. I'm thinking i want to be able to put some sort of rack on the wall to hold them. I also want to be able to take the rack off the wall and use it on site etc. I have my own idea's but bit of...
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    Holding timber on your bench without a vice?

    Currently on a holiday break from my furniture making course and as i am home i feel as tho i am stranded with out any survival kit. I am trying to make do with my small light workbench and uneven floor. I am as i said before a student so have few funds so am trying to make jigs to make my life...
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    puzzle box's?

    Really interested in making a japanese puzzle box of some sort, have come up with a few idea's of my own but would be interested if anyone knows of free plans as all the ones ive found require u to pay for them. Also general idea's on the matter would be interesting. Matt
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    Wood Carving?

    Hay I'm a train-ie cabinet maker but my major passion is wood carving. I have been attempting it for about 2 yr's. I only use my small swiss army knife and what ever wood i can find. I am looking for any general advise, tips, trick or information on the subject. Really interested in traditinal...
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    Valentines day grifts?

    Hay i no its a little bit early but i was way to late starting my anniversary gift don't want to make the same mistake :). Im just looking for any images or idea's or sites of interest. Thinking bout turning some sort of heart locket i will upload some drawings later. Thanks for listening...