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    Oak Veneer Edgebanding

    I recently received a 25m roll of oak veneer edge banding from Edgebanding.co.uk which on the whole was very good (excellent glue strength, consistent thickness and width, no obvious signs of any flaws/knots). There was however a substantial amount of reversing grain, this makes trimming the...
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    Workshop Vacuum

    Hi I am in need of a new vacuum for extraction from small power tools, rail saw, biscuit jointer etc and wondered what everyone (particularly those in the fitted furniture trade) recommend. I already have the Titan vacuum from Screwfix and whilst it is very good extraction wise it is also...
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    Another Question for the fitted furniture makers

    Hi this is probably an easy one but not something I've done before. I've been commissioned to make a set of fitted wardrobes in a gable space on the top floor of a three story house. I would like to make a template to check that my onsite measurements are correct and what I build in the...
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    Questions for the Fitted Furniture Makers.

    Hi all, So this is a couple of questions for the commercial joiners out there that make fitted wardrobes and the like. I am in a bit of a quandary as to how to go about making a pair of large Gable fitted wardrobes sets on the top floor of a three story home. First Question I would like to pre...
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    Workshop extraction

    Hi, In the ever ongoing quest to improve the air quality in my workshop I am thinking about fitting one of these extractor fans. https://powerstarelectricals.co.uk/indu ... -782-p.asp I have a couple of fairly large windows in one wall but the frames are shot so they need tearing out and...
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    Wet/Dry Vacuum with Cord Storage

    Hi guys, a year ago I bought one of these and on the power front it is really good; https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb430 ... 240v/70472 However it doesn't have anywhere on board to store the cable or hose. This isn't a problem in the workshop but when I am working in customers homes and...
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    Hanging Doors - Any Tips??

    Hi all, A customer wants me to hang some doors for her, a job I've done a few of before but they always seem to take me forever. Does anyone have any tips tricks for getting faster at them? There are going into existing frames and I'm using a track saw to cut them down to size. Also using the...
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    Anyone got an electric paint sprayer?

    Shamelessly copied this thread over from TWH2 to gauge peoples opinions on this forum.
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    Quick customer job done last night

    Had a couple of productive hours in the workshop last night. I've been really busy insulating and lining the workshop the past few weeks so it was really nice to get on with some actual making. A customer wants a shelf in her airing cupboard and due to her living in a really compact (read...
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    Which Cable / Stud Finder??

    Hi guys, Do any of you have any recommendations for which cable and stud finding device is worth buying. As this is a business purchase I'm not really limited to a budget, avoiding just one service strike will recoup the additional cost of a professional standard tool. Thanks in advance Will
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    Bailey No6 Quandary - Plane Experts Knowledge Required!

    I bought a baily no6 off eBay ages ago and decided to give it a bit of a clean up at the weekend. However it appears that the holes in the frog don't line up with the threaded holes in the bed of the plane. The holes are the same distance apart but appear to be to far back in the bed by about...
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    Some other bits I've made recently

    I thought I'd share some other things I've made recently. First is a number plate for the house, the Mrs found these tiles whilst we were on holiday. I made a walnut frame with mitred corners reinforced with some ash splines. There is a 1/8" ply back let into a rebate behind. The tiles are held...
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    Building the Matthias Wandell 20" Big Bandsaw

    Inspired by the success of building my Thien Separator and Mobile Mitre Saw Unit I decided to build another machine. I bought these plans, https://woodgears.ca/big_bandsaw/index.html from Matthias Wandell's website for his big 20" bandsaw. I don't normally buy plans, I prefer to work stuff out...
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    18mm Baltic Birch Ply - Where to get smaller pieces??

    Hi, I've started on a Matthias Wandel 20" Bandsaw Build and need some decent 18mm Baltic Birch Ply. I've tried Arnold Laver but they will only sell me a full 8' x 4' sheet at £60+VAT which when I only need two 540x490mm and one 620x710mm sheets seems like a hell of a waste. Does anyone know...
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    Hitachi 16g cordless finish nailer

    Hi, Has anyone else got one of these? I just pushed the "BUY" button on one today so I was wondering, do I have to buy the Hitachi branded nails or will any straight 16ga nails work? Thanks Will
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    What do you think of this workshop layout?

    This is a plan of my garage, 6.650m x 4.250m, which is a good size. however the presence of my long running classic car restoration takes up a portion of it. This also results in the woodworking area being an awkward L shape. I've labelled up all my stationary tools and some of the...
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    Tung oil finish curing rough? How, why & what to do?

    I'm looking for others opinion on an issue I have come across this week. I built 8 doors for some wardrobes out of beech and finished them with 4 coats of Liberon quick drying Tung oil. I sanded these to 240grit before applying the first oil coat and dry flatted the finish after coat no2 with...
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    Anyone else in the Crewe, Cheshire area?

    Hi I was wondering if there was any other members in the Crewe area? If so we could organise a bit of a UKW meet up? Drink some coffee or beer and generally compare workshops, tools projects etc. Will
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    Drawer slides for shallow drawer

    Hi can anyone recommend a set of drawer slides for a shallow drawer? These need to be soft closing and full extension but not necessarily concealed. I have Blum Tandem slides for the rest of the regular drawers in my dressing table build but these require a minimum of 25mm from the bottom of...
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    Ear Defenders with Bluetooth - Which ones??

    So I had my safety critical medical at work the other day. This included a hearing test and has resulted in me being diagnosed with mild hearing loss. Pardon?? So I have decided to invest in some decent ear defenders to wear in the workshop but as I like to listen to music and audio books I...