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  1. J

    What type of tool can I use for this please?

    It looks to me that the curves/lines are such that a fairly wide, fine-toothed blade is likely to be the best - ideally a proper jig saw with a table, though my experience with such has been that it is difficult to fit blade in the upper and lower holders when trying to cut internal curves...
  2. J

    Real Trouble Sharpening...

    JamesJ wrote: It is all SO confusing... I just want to be one of these people who can grab a blade and sharpen it to shave with on an old rock they found lying around outside...! Surely to goodness it cannot be this complicated? Well ......... If he wants to get even more confused, some time...
  3. J

    Building large drawers, what wood and jointing technique?

    Twister might be interested in the information on http://tinyurl.com/ctueley Jeff Jeff Gorman http://www.amgron.clara.net
  4. J

    Plane adjustment help

    No Skills wrote: I've been playing with my record #4 1/2 lately, I can make shavings with it but I'm not that happy with it. Nothing seems to fit right and its a pain to adjust to get it to work in a reasonable fashion (IMO). Are there any online sources for fettling (sp?) for best performance...
  5. J

    How to plane wood to select thickness using only hand plane?

    The material at http://tinyurl.com/3bgl4bt might help. Good luck! Jeff www.amgron.clara.net
  6. J

    Effects of cap iron on planing...

    Philly wrote: I wonder if a combination of tight mouth and not quite so close chipbreaker will yield similar results? I think so. I reckon that the tight 'mouth' is the secret. The next best is a high angle. Please see the demonstration on http://tinyurl.com/2gyb294 where the shaving...
  7. J

    Effects of cap iron on planing...

    Corneel write: >Yes 0.1mm is really pushing it. Their conclusion at the end was, with a steeper edge on the capiron you can get away with 0.3mm.< If my trig is correct, this means that we can get a set of 0.21 mm before the face of the CI protrudes. This ought to allow a set of 8.3thou - A...
  8. J

    Effects of cap iron on planing...

    Corneel wrote: I think Jeff's argument is a non-issue in practical use of the chip breaker. Agreed, it is a rather academic point but I think it counters the argument in favour of an extremely fine CI setback that I think was made in the original set of the Prof's pics (made of cutter action...
  9. J

    Effects of cap iron on planing...

    Coming very very late into this fascinating discussion, may I venture the following? On my web site at http://tinyurl.com/5s9dwct there's a pic of an actual plane blade in a normal situation in which the cap iron is very close to the edge and set so that the face of the cap iron actually...
  10. J

    Sole flattening - Paul Sellers

    Custard wrote: Karl Holtey says most woodworkers would be astonished if they realised how much the sole of the average plane can deflect in use. The proof of the pudding is in the testing as at http://tinyurl.com/7oeqdez I wouldn't be surprised, for similar body shapes, to find that mild...
  11. J

    Hand Plane Restoration

    HRRLutherie wrote: A while back I acquired a No. 5 Jack Plane. There's a lot of rust on the blade, chip breaker and lever cap, and a lot of surface rust on the sole. The rest of the components seem to be in reasonable working order. It's been sitting in my house for a while and I want to do...
  12. J

    Sole flattening - Paul Sellers

    Alded Dafis wrote: > but his arguments for rounding the edges slightly do make sense.< It is possible to think of a bench plane as running on two skids ie, the 'lateral margins', ie the areas each side of the projecting part of a cambered cutting edge, and running the length of the plane. A...
  13. J

    Woodworking DVD

    AndyCase wrote: I am particularly interested in drawer and cabinet construction, using planes and chisels, sharpening. There's something of each on my site at www.amgron.clara.net, mostly drawings and pics, short paragraphs with little reading required. To me, a still pic has advantages in...
  14. J

    Really stupid question about hand planes.

    Coming very very late into this discussion, may I point out that no matter how carefully the sole of a plane is flattened, the plane's body can deflect. There's some evidence on my site at http://tinyurl.com/7oeqdez Just how it affects its operation is one of those imponderables that I too...
  15. J

    mitre cutting

    RogerP wrote: I would suggest cutting the mitres as best as you can with the saw then use a shooting board to get them perfect. There are some drawings of a shooting board at: http://tinyurl.com/yevhfx9 Jeff http://www.amgron.clara.net
  16. J

    Not a flat world Record

    dickster2112 wrote: >..... what do people think about the merits of trying to to get this thing flat, is it worth the hours of sanding at the table <saw? You might find some help at: http://tinyurl.com/3xjpbm2 Jeff http://www.amgron.clara.net
  17. J

    Rocking box

    Gerard might find that at least one of the sides was twisted slightly. There's some more info about twist at http://tinyurl.com/3s5mmml Apart from planing the corners as already suggested, its a bit late to do anything else. Jeff www.amgron.clara.net
  18. J

    Bailey style plane refurb

    Now that bexupnorth has been bitten by the bug, he might like to look at http://tinyurl.com/yby9sne Jeff www.amgron.clara.net
  19. J

    Getting started carving

    Toppa can get a lot of satisfaction without investing in power tools or respirators by using files, especially 'dreadnought' files and just a few carver's gouges. Please see http://tinyurl.com/2ujckha Jeff http://www.amgron.clara.net
  20. J


    Marcros wrote: Scary sharp- would the glass out of a double glazed panel be flat enough to use for this system? The question suggests that Marcros wants to get a dead straight edge when he hones, but excepting for use on a shooting board, it is better to have a slightly cambered profile. This...