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    Magnets for jigs?

    Long time, not post.... Due to other commitments i've not been near the forum or the workshop for a coulpe of years, but a recent reappraisal of life i've decided to make a bit more effort in this area. Anyway, I need to make a few featherboards (nothing complicated so far) but instead of...
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    Hand forged T hinges

    I've used past iron a few times now, espically for nails (they sell rose head nails at a good price) my only complaint abut there hinges is that they are onyl cut from sheet (unless they have improved a lot in the last 3-4 years) when i brought some a few years back, i could have got somthing...
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    Power Chisel

    I've got a job lined up, or it would be more truthful to say the wife has decided..... this is going to involve a removing a lot of wood, basically its going to be a 4 ft long piece of oak about 2 ft wide carved with a celtic knotwork patten, So i was wondering if anyone has any experience of...
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    Turning a fountain pen

    Cheers for that Greggy, I have some other blanks floating around to see if there is anything else fitting to these pens, Simon
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    Turning a fountain pen

    Get called out of the country for a day and everyone replies, many thanks for the info. I've been given the Statesman pen (SMFP) and Renaissance pen (RFP) along with some snakewood blanks, so no pressure. I may have a look at them tommrow as i am meant to have a day off work if the world can...
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    Turning a fountain pen

    Hi, I've turned the standard ball pens on the lathe before, but it was my birthday last week and the wife has brought me a couple of the elite collection fountain pens from Turners retreat as a present (odd how she uses a fountain pen and I'm only permitted a green crayon) no before I commit...
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    Charity Walk (Help For Hereos)

    I just wanted to post a link to the blog of a good friend of mine Malcolm Cray who after 23 years serving Queen and country in the Royal Navy is finally retiring, but before he goes he’s decided to do a little walk to try and raise some money for Help For Heroes. Well that’s not the total truth...
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    imperial dowelling

    you could try. http://plugitdowel.co.uk/dowel.cfm
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    38mm ply wood

    you have not seen the size of litter tray they need either. Simon
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    38mm ply wood

    If it comes to it we will press shhets together in our pannel press, but that is added labour cost so would berfer to buy off the shelf. I have come up with 35mm and suggested an alloy shin for the top to prevent damage. Simon
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    38mm ply wood

    The ply is for the day job rather than the hobby. I work for a company that makes military shelters, one of my team is looking for ply to make work tops for deployable machine shops for the British Army. and the designers have come up with the idea of using 1 1/2 work tops its now down to...
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    38mm ply wood

    Thanks for that I will give them a call later, I need 150 sheets of ply so its gonig to be a lorry whereever i go. Simon
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    38mm ply wood

    Does anyone know where i can buy sheets of 38mm (1 1/2") plywood from? didtance is not a problem. Many thanks Simon
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    I need a vice

    It looks like the ones that Axminster sell, espically the Quick-release front (face) vise if so I have twl fitted in my workshop and have no problem with them though i don't know how they compare to the veritas ones. Simon
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    bandsaw resawing guide

    I hope not, as you method sounds nice and simple. Simon
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    bandsaw resawing guide

    I own a Scheppach Basato 5 band saw which I'm very happy with, much better than the old Draper bench top jobbie. I would like to do so resawing of planks on it, till now I have only done wood that is 2-3" thick, but I have the need now for something nearer 10", I have had a scout around the net...
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    Lime / Basswood planks

    I bumped into a friend at a party on Saturday night who had a bit of a strange request, hopefully someone on this forum may be able to point me in the right direction to help him. Basically I need to get hold of some Lime or Basswood planks ½” – ¾” thick (though I can sort out the thickness) to...
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    Oven doors

    funnily enough my long bow has gone that way recently, so pennies are being saved for a yew serpentine bow.
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    Oven doors

    THanks for everyone's replys, in regard to research surviving examples of 16thC oven doors are a touch rare, I would guess that once they became too chared they went into the fire, like most other bits of broken wooden item's of the era I guess, why turn down a bit of free fuel? having spoken...
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    Oven doors

    From what I have seen the oven should not be getting anywhere near 250 I would think it will be struggling to hit 150 so I think it should be ok, they users did ask if they should wet the doors down but I could see that causing other problems. Simon