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    Magnets for jigs?

    Long time, not post.... Due to other commitments i've not been near the forum or the workshop for a coulpe of years, but a recent reappraisal of life i've decided to make a bit more effort in this area. Anyway, I need to make a few featherboards (nothing complicated so far) but instead of...
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    Power Chisel

    I've got a job lined up, or it would be more truthful to say the wife has decided..... this is going to involve a removing a lot of wood, basically its going to be a 4 ft long piece of oak about 2 ft wide carved with a celtic knotwork patten, So i was wondering if anyone has any experience of...
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    Turning a fountain pen

    Hi, I've turned the standard ball pens on the lathe before, but it was my birthday last week and the wife has brought me a couple of the elite collection fountain pens from Turners retreat as a present (odd how she uses a fountain pen and I'm only permitted a green crayon) no before I commit...
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    Charity Walk (Help For Hereos)

    I just wanted to post a link to the blog of a good friend of mine Malcolm Cray who after 23 years serving Queen and country in the Royal Navy is finally retiring, but before he goes he’s decided to do a little walk to try and raise some money for Help For Heroes. Well that’s not the total truth...
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    38mm ply wood

    Does anyone know where i can buy sheets of 38mm (1 1/2") plywood from? didtance is not a problem. Many thanks Simon
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    bandsaw resawing guide

    I own a Scheppach Basato 5 band saw which I'm very happy with, much better than the old Draper bench top jobbie. I would like to do so resawing of planks on it, till now I have only done wood that is 2-3" thick, but I have the need now for something nearer 10", I have had a scout around the net...
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    Lime / Basswood planks

    I bumped into a friend at a party on Saturday night who had a bit of a strange request, hopefully someone on this forum may be able to point me in the right direction to help him. Basically I need to get hold of some Lime or Basswood planks ½” – ¾” thick (though I can sort out the thickness) to...
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    Oven doors

    Ok, odd question time something to challenge the little grey cell’s on a Tuesday morning. I have been asked to make a set of oven doors in wood; the oven is a traditional oven similar to a pizza oven. So to heat it they fill it with brush wood and small bits of wood to heat up the surrounding...
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    Hi, Chaps I'm in the process of building myself a new work bench, nothing to fancy just something big, strong and solid (bit like myself). I had earmarked a bit of beech for the vice jaws but due to a slight miscalculation.... ok the I was dreaming that I had a bit of beech, I'm left with a...
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    time to plan

    My boss called me into his office today for a quick chat and while we were discusing work it came up that I have not taken much holiday in the last year (well 5 days) and our holiday period runs up to March 31, so he's ordered me to have March off as holiday (and who am I to argue) the only...
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    Question for Hegner owners

    Well I've gone and done it, I had on paper setteled on buying a nova but this weekend gone i went round to a friends and tried if Hegner...... that was a bad move, an order will have to be placed. just a coulpe of questions tohough. Is the leg kit is worth buying or just makeing a stand for it...
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    Record / Nova DVR

    I had been thinking of treating myself to a new lathe for a while and in the short list was a nova DVR, now I notice the record seems to have taken over doing them dose anyone know if they are still to the same standard or has Record done some "value engineering" on the DVR? Cheers Simon
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    Brick driveways

    I changed jobs about 12 weeks ago so I'm now commuting 650 miles a week its not a bad run but by about April next year we hope to move a bit nearer, so we have got to get the house up to scratch for selling, one of the areas that is currently letting it down is the drive way which is rather...
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    Poplar supplier (Not Burr)

    Dose any one know a supplier of poplar (European) turning blanks but not in burr preferably large'ish section spindle blanks (say 3 - 4 inch dia) preferably in the south east Cheers Simon.
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    How to finish?

    A while ago I picked up a bag of what I believe to be Jarrah Burr blanks (size 6” x 6” x 1 ½”) from Good Timber’s bargain box. Which I intended to use to cut some candle holders etc, however I slung a lump on the lathe and as long as you are gentle it turns ok (baring the huge amount of dust it...
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    Increasing fire resistance (floor timbers)

    My parents currently own a town house that they rent to students but with the changes in regulations they have got to do various up-grades so I will be fitting fire doors etc however looking through the paperwork they are talking about the floors need to be fire resistant for 30 minutes and that...
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    Quick Vent

    What is it with people today and a lack of respect for people’s property and livelihood? Went to go to work this morning, walk down the drive to my van and some little sod had done one of the side door locks, I should guess on the rummage for tools but since there was non in the van the lovely...
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    Brewers Pitch

    Now I know that this is more than a little in the long grass but would anyone here know any suppliers of brewers pitch, I've been asked to make a copy of a tudor wooden staved tankard which according to the information I have found was pitched on the inside to make it waterproof. Cheers for...
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    Natural edged bowls (how to hold)

    I got some natural edged banks at the week end at a good price so I've stuck them under the bench till I can work out how to hold them on the lathe, with a normal bowl you would use a face plate so that you can cut the base then use a set of dove tail jaws but with the top of the blank being...
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    So how do they do that?

    I was having a rattle around the internet over the weekend looking for some ideas of what to try my hand at next on the lathe, and I came across a few sites showing split vase’s and I was wondering how it is done (not that I think I will be up to trying it just yet) I’ve had a bit of a think...