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    I've got a viceroy educator, a beast of a machine! Think it's around 1000mm centres, ish so a fair deal longer and I paid about the same price for mine? I'm very happy with mine. Smudge
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    Chuck advice

    Im needing an all round chuck for my viceroy educator lathe. Does anyone have any suggestions? Smudge
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    Kity 618 table saw manual

    Saris Pm me your email address and I'll send a copy ASAP Smudge
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    Startrite 352 Bandsaw - Needs some TLC

    fantastic find misterfish. im with you jacob shabby chic is the new pink! - smudge
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    Any useful woodworking Apps for the iPad?

    Where to start rog. GarageBand is something that I love to mess around on as it's so useable and fun to play around with. There's a really good app called zumo drive which allows you to access music, documents, movies etc. that you have on your home pc over wifi. So if you fancy watching an...
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    Any useful woodworking Apps for the iPad?

    What kind of woodworking apps you lookin for rog? - smudge
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    Compound sliding mitre saw

    Sorry i mean fox. I was lookin at both and got confused. Oops! I'll keep you posted Smudge
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    Compound sliding mitre saw

    I think I'm gonna go with the jet f36-258db. Its a gnats over £200 in kendaltools with 3 year guarantee. Which ain't bad. Seems like its not ready to go from factory though. Needs a wee bit of fettlin. But for that price seems like a fair compromise. Smudge
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    You are a legend rob bless ya! Smudge
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    Compound sliding mitre saw

    I've the same conundrum dave can't wait for what peeps advise. I do know that the only place to go for blades is tuffsaws though. Cheers Smudge
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    Connecting a MacBook to a TV

    What about getting apple tv and doin it wirelessly?
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    An Introduction from Sheffield

    Welcome unib, I'm round your neck also and in quite a similar position trying to sort out my workshop. I thought i had some great ideas before joining this site and then I ended up doin what youve done and getting woodshop envy! Anyway good luck and if you need oat let me know See y'after Smudge
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    Introduction from North east Scotland

    Welcome to the site John. If you're lookin for timber there's a decent place in fife Here http://www.scottishwood.co.uk/. The best place for blades is here http://www.tuffsaws.co.uk/ Hope this helps. Smudge
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    Oh dear seems like this kiddie has missed out. Shame cos I love sweets! Smudge
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    Connecting a MacBook to a TV

    Have you tried maplin? There pretty good random cables and lecky thingy me bobbys Smudge
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    The New Workshop

    Great use of space mate. Might have to use a couple of your ideas Well done Smudge
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    Any takers for jet 260 P/T retro fit?

    I can't see why they wouldn't want there machines workin to there full potential. We'll see. I've been through your instructions etc and happy with the build apart from dimensions. On another note I was on different forum and you said you had some inverters goin spare. Do you still have them...
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    Dan's Den - Workshop Tour.

    Have you tried a station called FIP? It's French but dont let that put you off. If you live in Brighton it's 98.5, or if you have smart phone there's a app, or the trusty t'interweb. Great eclectic music not much talking. Smudge
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    Any takers for jet 260 P/T retro fit?

    Same here rob In the process of contacting jet but I'm not counting my chickens. Bob what are the chances of getting the plans (at a cost) to save you the aggro? Smudge