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    Joining plywood to make a bed

    Check out Everbuild D4 from Toolstation. It's about £8 a litre but you can find it for a bit less elsewhere. I use this for everything and have never had it fail on me. I usually give the gluing surfaces a quick buzz over with the sander to make sure they are clean before gluing. Obviously...
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    Osmo Poly-x raw oil and oak veneers.

    I presume you mean applying it to oak veneered doors/mdf/ply. It won't, it'll be fine.
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    Colours for a classy chic interior

    I appreciate the sentiment regarding the workmanship but I maintain that your post was particularly rude and misguided. There are many ways of demonstrating your point without placing the work of another member of the forum in a derogatory light simply because you don't like it. The fact that...
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    Colours for a classy chic interior

    Well that is very rude. I would not have expected something like to have come from you Phil. I respect that everyone has a different opinion on what the find appealing but the phrase "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all" springs to mind.
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    Morrells paint

    I think its just a problem with using a roller. I presume the OP is referring to air bubbles being left behind by the roller. This always happens when using a foam roller, you just have to "tip off" - check Tips from a Shipwright videos about painting / varnishing timber work on boats for a...
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    Never seen the FT recommended stuff for sale over here. However have a wander around the B&Q laminate flooring and polystyrene ceiling tile sections to see what they have that may be suitable. It wouldn't be paper backed but that can be overcome by not doing their A/B fold methods.
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    Bookcase build / job interview

    Looks like they learnt that lesson pretty quickly then Peter! I told my local (Warrington) branch that I was staying WB and they immediately wanted to help offering their Italian WB lacquer product. I have had a really good experience with Morrells, quality of products and their customer...
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    Cordless brad nailer advice wanted.

    I have the 16G Hitachi/Hikoki brad gun and it's excellent. Not cheap but you gets whats you pays for! I've fired thousands of nails through mine an only ever had one jam. No gas either, just batteries. It is a shame however that their 23G machine is not available on this side of the pond. I...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Recently completed wardrobe for a client. 4m long x 2.8m high. AWO veneered cabinetry with sprayed MRMDF doors/trim. Morrells water based lacquer colour matched to Dulux Sapphire Salute.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Picture frame made for a family friend's 50th birthday. This is actually the third iteration, first was AWO but I cut a part to short so that went in the bin. Second one was in Kerruing but I didn't like it so that has gone in the emergency present pile. Third and final version is some left...
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    A little help on costing this project?

    As a quick guess I would be in the £2500-£3000 mark for a sprayed MDF unit of that design. I would steer them away from solid timber and point them in the direction of a nice oak veneered board instead. However if they insisted they wanted it in solid then I would have to add at least another...
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    Morrells paint

    Yes it is, use a 4" foam roller (concave ended ones are the best) and then lightly back roll with just the weight of the roller on it to pop any bubbles. See Gosforth handyman video on how to paint MDF for the technique. Also warm your paint in a bucket of hot water before applying, this will...
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    What equipment/setups do PROs use for cabinet spraying?

    HVLP - slightly better finish Airless - really fast at the expense of a truly mirror finish Air Assisted Airless - best of both above but lots of ££££
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    Bookcase build / job interview

    Little suggestion to you guys with this bit of kit, try ordering some professional grade paint from the likes of Morrells or Tikkurila. I was using the Leyland and Dulux trade paints and got a good result but the switch to the pro grade paints has really jumped up the quality of my finished...
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    Dust mask - spectacle wearers advice please

    I bought one of these, not cheap at >£50 but absolutely great. https://www.screwfix.com/p/3m-7523-half ... lsrc=aw.ds Replaceable filters Special filters for organics as well as particulates P3 filtration as standard Very comfortable, I wear mine for several hours at a time with no issues Has...
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    Good Quality Mitre Saw

    I have a Bosch sliding mitre saw, I think its the 12" version. Good points Cut quality is very good which the ability to take a gnats knacker off to creep up on a perfect fit. Hold down clamp is an excellent all steel design The blade tilts to 45o on the stops which are easy to adjust It swings...
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    Bookcase build / job interview

    Thank you for taking the time to write your review Paul. Very interesting. I presume this machine can be used with oil and thinners based products as well as the water based ones?
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    I usually wait for it to dry and then sand it off with some 120/180 Doesn't do anything for getting your finger prints back mind you!
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    Bookcase build / job interview

    Looks good Paul, certainly better than some of my first projects! Don't worry about the mistakes, we all make them! Nothing a bit of filler and some sanding won't sort out! Are you going to do another thread on your thoughts about the Terratec?
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    +1 for doing your hinge holes with the router! I do all mine that way with the big Triton router.