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    Q Lon door seal - any ideas what type & where to get it?

    Have a look here, the QL7000 looks pretty close. Bottom of page 3. https://products.schlegelgiesse.com/en/catalog/category/view/id/789/?manufacturer=356&p=1&product=4264&product_class=13435
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    Nostalgia Old School B&D Drill

    I bought this drill with stand, also a circular saw and box jointing attachments in the 70's, found this in the shed a while ago and it still works.
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    Wander what I got?😀

    Looks like the ones Record Power first sold when they ventured into the scroll saw market. It was a rebadged Hawk from the USA and rated very highly by the Americans. An amazing bargain, well done.
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    Joke thread

    Mary had a little lamb, couldn't stop it grunting, took it down the garden path and kicked it's back and front in. That's the clean version. :ROFLMAO:
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    Joke thread

    Two blondes walk into a bar, you'd have thought one of them would have seen it.
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    The Warrington Chest. Patternmakers Tool Chest and Tools 1888.

    My copy arrived this morning, looking forward to reading it.
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    Not really, 2 x 12ft by 8ft sheds crammed with stuff.
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    No, don't bow out, your opinion is always most welcome. Thinking about it, at one time I had 4 Deltas, 2 560s and 2 540s, so somewhere a 560 is hiding and very nearly bought 2 570s but common sense prevailed. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    That to me sounds expensive. The Delta Quickset blade clamps are in my opinion the best out there. I have used a Delta scroll saw since the mid 1990's, the 40-560 type 2 model and it's still going strong. I also have a 40-540, well I had 2 but sold one, also another 560 which I picked up for...
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    If you're wanting to do a lot of internal cuts then I think that a second hand Delta with the Quickset blade clamps offer the fastest and easiest blade changing. NazNomad did a speed test a once (4 years ago)
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    Joke thread

    3 points of contact is 3 points of contact. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Delta 40-560 Type 2

    Yes I have had 2 of these and 2 of the 540 variable speed machines over a 25 year period and have never encountered your problem. The only suggestion I can offer is to find another machine in good working order and keep this for spares (that's why I've had 4 over the years, picked them up for...
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    Anybody made any clocks?

    Try searching ebay as well for clock inserts.
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    Decorative option?

    Winsor and Newton Promarkers are good. I tried them after seeing Mick Hanbury use them. Promarker | Winsor & Newton
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    Mystery tool another

    Looks similar to old rubber tapping tools.
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    New member first post...treadle lathe question...

    A small amount of info about Hobbies lathes here. Hobbies Lathe
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    Extractor for a triton tpt 125 thicknesser

    Lack of room means I use my thicknesser outside, then sweep up when I've finished.
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    What was your favorite sweets when you were a nipper

    Barrets Sherbet dip, is that what you're thinking of? We used to call it kayli as well