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    last post 2014

    Where has the time gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your all well Rich
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    boat work

    This is some of the stuff that has been keeping me busy I do all the hardwood work on the new boats and whatever else needs doing :) Pine window trims Sapele window trims (mod edit:-url) This is where it all begins Some Sapele to sand up Oak lipped veneered doors First cratch...
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    santas ride

    This was fun to make
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    Hello again

    Hello all, don't know if many of you will remember me, not posted for a long time. I used to hang around the turning section but this wont fit in there. I have been working on boats for nearly a year now and thought you might be interested in what I am up to. These front and back oak doors are...
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    Can tastic

    These are for a craft show this weekend. It is run by a notts graffiti crew, thought these would fit in 8)
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    Bowl time

    Fresh off the lathe. Cedar fruit bowl, finished with food safe oil.
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    quality day of sport

    What a day!!!!!!!!!!! Cricket, rowing, track and field. Pure class!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Birthday stumps

    My lad is five tomorrow so I have made this to take our garden cricket to the next level. I don't think Gunn and Moore have anything to worry about but it was fun to make. Elm stumps and Kingwood bales
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    Little Emily

    Hello all I hope some of you remember who I am :D We have an addition to our family. She arrived 2oclock on friday (nice positive spin for the 13th.) Both mum and baby are home and happy.
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    Any of you?

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    Spray can

    This is something I have made for a Nottingham Graffiti crew. Hopefully they will display it in their gallery and I might get some commissions. We will see
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    4 weeks to go

    Hello all I havn't posted any work for ages, because I havn't done any :oops: I have made a start on some stock, the vari speed is now up and running and is a joy to use :D :D
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    Welding trolley

    A spot of recycling to make myself a welding trolley 8) Just a coat of paint away from being finished :D
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    Steam boat fun

    Airfix kit / Candle / Cigar tube / Balsa = FUN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB5kVq6ZtSE
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    Walnut table

    Just found this on the internet, you might be interested. Rich http://design-milk.com/planter-table-by-emily-wettstein/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=Yahoo%21+Mail&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+design-milk+%28Design+Milk%29&utm_content=Yahoo%21+Mail
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    Shed thread

    This is my first offering of 2011, not actually turned in my shed but took a trip to see the Wildman!!!!! The original plan was to take a plain piece of sycamore and turn out a shape for Steve to paint and texture. However when I turned the outside we found the ripples and decided against...
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    First turning for months

    I have spun this out for the secret santa at work. Ages away from the lathe and this was good fun, really enjoyed getting dusty.
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    last min dot com

    This job has been hanging about for months, yes I have left it untill the last min. Luckily I told the guy that I don't paint so I can say goodbye to it :D I have posted this in off topic as well in the cad cam thread.
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    CAD CAM fun

    I have been been messing about with the Laser and the vinyl cutter at my new school. The machines are brilliant and very easy to use, it is the cpu program that takes time to get comfortable with (2D design.) I am getting there and it is a good program, I am finding out new ways to do things all...
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    show us yours

    Snowy Sheds