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    Morrells advice

    After reading loads about finishing I have just received a HVLP system and am now after some paint. Do Morrells supply to the public or are they trade only? Ian
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    Lathe recommendations

    Dear all, I have been turning for 4 months now on a Jet 1014 mini lathe and have finally realised that addiction has set in. I want to turn larger bowls than I can currently turn and I am looking for a larger lathe. I have looked at the Axminster AWVSL1000 today which looks good and has the...
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    New Bandsaw

    Hi all I am looking for a bandsaw for a Birthday present for myself. Budget is around £300, I have seen this http://www.axminster.co.uk/product.asp?pf_id=804564&name=bandsaw&user_search=1&sfile=1&jump=0 at Axminster, does any here have any experience of these or have any other recommendations...
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    Need a little help.

    Hi I have 3 old window sills in the garage that I would like to try and turn into usable timber. The wood is a hardwood (not sure which type) and is around 90 years old. I would like to try and turn these into 1/2 inch boards and wonder if anyone in the West London area has a bandsaw that I...
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    Router Table advice

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and need a little advice. I am looking at getting a small hobby router table which are about £50, also plunge bars would be handy at about £40. The other option I have seen is a Fox F60-100A Variable Speed Router table which I can get for around £100. Does any one...