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    Paint factors - colour matching - best value

    Hello all, I am after advice with regard to sourcing a colour matching service for decent quality gloss paint suitable for exterior painted surface. I have built a wheelhouse on the back of the narrowboat which is pretty sizeable and will as is made from softwood/ply to keep weight down I need...
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    Scheppach Basata 3 Vario - does anyone have a user manual/

    Morning all, I have a Scheppach Basato 3 Vario but was after a user manual - would anyone happen to have one and be able to scan few pages?? Be much appreciated if so. I'll drop NMA (i think theyre a main distributor of Scheppach) a line too. Thanks
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    Just a thought - why don't we have a workshop build forum

    It seems that this forum - because of the catch-all title, and perhaps because the majority of people like me don't actually really produce enough proper projects to post new threads/photos, but this forum seems increasingly to be about workshop builds. This is absolutely not a criticism of...
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    Best ebony stain?

    Morning all, I wanted to make some small ebony finials, but the all important piece is missing..... the ebony! But i do have lots of off cuts of sycamore which being so pale I thought I could stain black. Does anyone have recommendations for the best stain for this? Thanks. Tim
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    Festool vouchers - dust extractor and 18v tools

    Morning all, Not sure if they are transferable, but as a "valued Festool customer" (by which they really mean my credit card company!!) I received two vouchers for £50 off either any Festool dust extractor, or anything from their 18v tool range. I won't be using them, but can pop them in the...
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    Staining Ash to resemble Oak

    Morning all, A friend wanted some simple kitchen shelves made - nothing fancy, but he did ask for Oak. I have a load of Ash in stock that is the right size and would make my life easier than having to buy anything new. Any advice on a good durable finish suitable for shelves, which will also...
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    Wood as energy leads to timber price increase?

    Interesting article discussing short-sighted energy policy leading to an increase in wood as energy source, with a potential impact on timber prices: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15756074 Not sure if this will really ever translate to the humble DIY er but an interesting discussion...
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    Best finish for

    Morning all - nearly finished the building of a noticeboard for my allotment committee and would like some advice on a durable finish. It's constructed of some sort of tropical hardwood - I guess Sapelle or some such - hard, very splintery grain. The back is WBP exterior grade ply. I hope to...
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    HVLP spraying of MDF / Poplar - primer?

    Morning all, I recently acquired an Earlex HV5000 model HVLP sprayer as I wanted to see if it was an improvement on brush... mainly in speed, but also comparable if not better results. I have some shelves and cupboards to paint - MDF and Poplar faceframes. Does anyone have any advice on...
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    Best solution for glazed door - glass mounting

    Folks, I'm making a simple noticeboard, with two glazed doors. The doors will be standard mortis and tenons, but I was wondering how best to fit the glass. While i could use the coping and sticking set to create a groove, which normally could take a wooden panel, and then mount the glass in...
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    Router alphabet kits - different fonts?

    I'm looking at making a new noticeboard for the allotment society and want to make a sign for the top of it. Looking on the tinterweb there doesnt seem to be any options for decent fonts - just the rather simple-looking one done by trend. If I wanted something a bit more classy, is this a...
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    Hardware for simple overlapping sliding door cabinet

    Mornin all, Anyone got any good suggestions for hardware for overlapping sliding door cabinets - the rail/hangers etc? It's a simple floor-level cupboard on the wall at right angles to the WC, making use of that space for storage of loo rolls, cleaning stuff and less frequently used stuff. As...
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    We all like a nice rack. ... Tool shelf ideas please.

    Here's an easy one - what homemade shelf system are you using to store you turning tools? I want a tool rack for around 20 chisels (seeing as that's what I inherited, give or take) to mount directly above the lathe. I was thinking about a simple shelf, with two rows of 50mm holes cut with a...
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    Rigid ducted dust extraction - any hints and tips?

    Hello folks, Some advice please regarding a dust collection system for those of you with the luxury of larger workshops or those using a permanent installed ducting system. I have to resolve dust and shavings collection as my mobile collector is often buried in stuff and for those quick but...
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    Shutting the door once the horse has bolted... security tips

    Well, it's happened - low-life broke into the workshop and cleaned out all the stuff they could carry; saws, drills, my brand new and unused Festool router, chainsaws, etc. Fortunate that there was a vehicle in the way making it difficult to get any of the bigger stuff. Now, I suppose we'll...
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    Incra mitre guage for Kity 1619 table saw

    morning all, Just a quickie - I was thinking of upgrading the mitre guage on my Kity 1619 table saw as the original is slopping around in the T-slot with no means of adjusting it. As a replacement, I was looking at Incra's range, but then there is also Kreg a) does anyone else have a Kity...
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    granite worktop offcut for lapping plate?

    Morning all - I was chatting to a guy in the pub who runs a worktop company, and offered me an offcut of granite to use as a lapping plate for planes. I've not taken him up yet as I wanted to check - is worktop-grade granite flat enough for the lapping of plane soles? Considering I am a...
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    Replacement lathe advice

    Evenin' all. Been an age since I was able to do any form of woodwork, nor pick up a turning chisel, but winter is on its way and I hope to have a bit more time. My workshop is chaos - no room. I've a Record CL4 with electronic variable speed, long bed bars. I rarely use it, and when I do I...
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    Companies providing machine servicing?? Planer thicknesser

    Morning all, Does anyone have any suggestions for reliable, tried and tested firms who provide servicing of machines?? Or are there any experts on blade setting for Elektra Beckum HC260 As a hobbyist, with never enough time... one of my biggest frustrations is my Elektra Beckum HC260 planer...
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    Hand planing advice....

    Hand planing - portrayed as one of the more satisfying aspects of woodworking. Not so in my case... I find the whole process incredibly frustrating. I have to be careful to fight the desire to go and hurl my No.7 and bench plane out the window.... :oops: I'm hopeless with handtools and am...