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  1. J

    Nostalgia Old School B&D Drill

    I can still smell the village barber who used an upstairs room in his house. Clippers were connected via a light socket adaptor and he smoked nonstop. Together with the smell of brilliantine etc plus burned hair he singed out of ears and nose, the smell didn't seem to leave you for weeks. I...
  2. J

    Book selling best outlet suggestions

    Times really have changed; no writing on the backs of postage stamps these days ;)
  3. J

    Sorry, another wood ID thread.

    Meranti for me.
  4. J

    Spindle turning jitter

    I'd go with all that advice except the yellow socks ;) You could also try moving the drive spur through 90 or 180 degrees and see if there is any difference and even take out the live centre and do the same, checking for crud first before replacing. Then there's exorcism and the last resort...
  5. J

    Going to spend the rest of my life de-nailing!

    Are they the cut clasp type of nail?
  6. J

    Any idea what this is ?

    Looks a bit like a wire-stripper in function but made before there was wire insulation to strip ;)
  7. J


    It was a type of fuel consumption competition. Sixty-five years ago at least I think.
  8. J


    That takes me back a long time. Do they still have the Redex Challenge?
  9. J

    Quick Poll

    I wondered about that. A year or two back I lined the bathroom with the plasterboard designed for wet areas and it was surprising cheap and easy to apply - after I bought my first electric screwdriver ;)
  10. J

    scotch glue

    I still use it but with Droogs' provisos.
  11. J

    And they think the beaches are packed out

    I remember (not long after the war) how the Sunday school would have an annual outing to Scarborough. It must have been the will of god because the vicar would say goodbye to us on the beach and go to watch the cricket where Yorkshire were playing. ;)
  12. J

    HDMI splitter?

    This really shows my age - I looked at the thread thinking it would be about some type of log-splitter.:mad:
  13. J

    Reusing wood from old antique furniture?

    One thing that really made me cringe when it came into vogue was the description of some furniture as 'brown' using it to describe such prime woods as mahogany, walnut etc.
  14. J

    New one to me

    Or... make sure the lid is on tight and store the tin upside down.
  15. J

    Am I the only person depressed by the number of comments with gender or racial stereotypes in them?

    Don't you mean 'a linear, unwoke, non person of colour'? ;)
  16. J

    Vegetarians move along, nothing to see here.

    Ah, but what is a vegetarian meal? I noticed some newspaper restaurant reporters would say things like 'vegetarian menu available'. They seemed to have the belief that chicken and fish are vegetarian foods!
  17. J

    Are phones too complicated?

    One of the biggest oxymorons in the electronics market is 'user friendly'
  18. J

    What have we become?

    Midsomer Murders, Last of the Summer Wine, Dads Army and First of the Summer Wine got us through lockdown.
  19. J

    Vegetarians move along, nothing to see here.

    I see enough extract of dog on the footpaths while out walking ;)
  20. J

    Vegetarians move along, nothing to see here.

    Local cafe would sell 'Elvis sandwiches'! Jam and peanut butter plus everything else bar salad. ;)