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    First Toy

    So about two weeks ago I spent a not insignificant wodge of my redundancy cash on a 21" Excalibur (what a difference to the Jet JSS 16 I had!!!!) and over the last 5 days I have used my spare time to make my first ever project on it. Pics below. Apologies for the poor quality, they were hastily...
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    Tainted Love On ..... Hard Drives

    So, not quite what they were designed for, but I am blown away by this. Being a self confessed geek this is right up my street! http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/02 ... 43250.html
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    If It Seems Too Good To Be True .........

    .... it probably is right? Has anyone bought one of these or used one? I know you can't expect much at the price and I should save some more cash and buy a "proper" one, but it does seem like it might fill a router table sized gap in the short term. http://www.toolsave.co.uk/product-tools ...
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    Fixing a Chapter Ring

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can suggest anything for this. I turned a couple of clock faces, one from Maple and one from Willow. I'll admit the Willow is probably not too well seasoned which could have a bearing, but the Maple is fine. I've tried gluing the aluminium chapter rings onto the...
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    Perfume Atomiser

    I bought a few atomiser kits from Turners Retreat but there are no instructions with them and I can't for the life of me find any online. It seems to be fairly straightforward except for this bit: Can anyone offer any clues on how it fits into the equation? Cheers all.
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    Finishing Burr Elm Pen

    Hi all, I'd like to pick your collective brains if I may. My search function fu is failing me! I have some burr elm pen blanks, but they are very pitted, split etc, as I guess all burrs are. I'd like a gloss finish on the pens, I usually go with CA or melamine lacquer, but how would you guys...
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    Afternoon all.

    Hi all, just joined the forum and thought it only polite to say hello and introduce myself. Pete is the name and I am something of a novice with wood, but I have finally arrived at a place in my life where i have a little spare time and enough space in the garage to set up some tools and work...