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    Pub seating

    I have just been asked to make some benches for my local pub, and I'm after some on how best to finish them. The brief from the landlord is that they are to be softwood and finished in a wax. So I will be using U/S whitewood. They are going in to a dark corner, so I want them to be light in...
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    Lithium Ion Chainsaws

    Hi All, I have a lot of fencing work coming up, and so was looking to use a battery chainsaw to cut/shape-to-fit the rails. Does anyone have recommendations for potential buys and also what to avoid? I currently use 18v DeWalt for all my other tools, but have a suspicion that that will be...
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    Hi All, I hope you can give me advice: Sitting at work, I have just received a text from my wife - Do you think you might need axminsters this weekend The problem is that I am wracking my brains and can't think of anything that I need. I am assuming that she is saying this as she wants...