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  1. shed9

    Anyone know the real world difference between classes of MOT

    Looking to get a new service vehicle (well new to me). The issue that may or may not be an issue is I have two options of; 1. Sub 3,000kg design gross weight (MOT 4) 2. 3,000 to 3,500kg design gross weight (MOT 7) Lots of info on the T'interweb but little about the full implications in terms...
  2. shed9

    LED lighting for workshop

    I'm in the middle of a new workshop build, this is relatively small building of 8'x16' with a stud framework (now up) and will be insulated and clad in corrugated sheet metal. I already have a much larger building and will be building another large building after this current one. The reason for...
  3. shed9

    Decent 200cm to 240cm spirit level

    Looking for a decent 200cm to 240cm spirit level. Tempted by the Stabila R-Type but open to suggestions especially if anyone can comment on the digital options out there. Any recommendations? Anyone use levels to this size and are there any gotchas in the longer lengths? I'm using them to...
  4. shed9

    Best method for edge sharpening?

    Just wondering, what is the best method for sharpening edged tools like chisels, plane blades, etc? Discuss...
  5. shed9

    What is going on with wood prices right now

    What just happened? Wood prices have shot up literally within the last few days, CLS has pretty much doubled and I'm seeing other construction lumber having similar increases. What did I miss?
  6. shed9

    Minimax Pro 32 bandsaw

    Just picked up a used small form factor Minimax Pro 32 bandsaw. Other than it being a Minimax I know little of it and there is virtually nothing on the web. The wheels are a little over 12" in diameter and throat height is just over 6". The thing is built like a tank and the spine is one of the...
  7. shed9

    Clifton 4 1/2 Smoother

    Just received a Clifton 4 1/2 Jumbo Smoother. My first Clifton and have to say it gives Lie Nielsen a run for their money, not as ultra refined as a Lie Nielsen in my opinion (and not necessarily a bad thing either) but a superb looking plane definitely and in the same league. Apologies to the...
  8. shed9

    Shooting board

    Appreciate this has likely been done to death but can people share their real world opinions on shooting boards? Finally got my hands on a decent shooting board plane with plenty of heft and will be making a suitable shooting board to go with it. I appreciate the T'internet is littered with...
  9. shed9

    FFX 5% off Promo code 221FFX

    Most probably know but just in case, if you are about to buy anything from FFX the current promo code for 5% off is 221FFX
  10. shed9

    Cast iron bench table saw?

    Does anyone do a circa £500 cast iron bench top table saw anymore? Axi's versions are just way to over priced for what they are these days. Draper used to do the 200mm cast topped saw but these are no longer available. I'm looking for a small decent bench top to keep in the house whilst doing...
  11. shed9

    Dewalt parallel bar clamps

    Picked up a few of these in the last week or so; https://www.dewalt.co.uk/products/dwht83831-1--600mm-24-parallel-bar-clamp Despite the short time I have used them, they are just superb, I have a fair few Bessey bar K clamps and have to say these come across as better built versions. The heads...
  12. shed9

    Helix Metal Desktop Pencil Sharpener

    I kept meaning to buy a half decent pencil sharpener for my workshop due to countless lost sharpeners or simple disappointment. One of the Helix metal desktop ones turned up as a stocking filler. This is hands down the best sharpener I have ever used. Very well made, stuck to the bench, no mess...
  13. shed9

    Best place to buy a Domino DF500 these days...

    Looking to buy another DF500 (240V) but wanted to check if there are any good deals out there at the moment? I already have the 700 XL machine and used to have a 500 but stupidly sold it a few years back thinking the XL will do the job of both with a Seneca adapter. I have to say I have...
  14. shed9

    Metal stud workshop

    As in the title, I'm building another workshop and about to use metal studs instead of the usual wood approach. I've laid the concrete foundation and laid a few courses of block work for a level and slightly raised base to erect the metal. Took delivery of the metal studs (and metal sheet) a few...
  15. shed9

    Extra long T-Squares. Any recommendations

    Looking to get a decent precision T - square between 600 and 900m in length. The Woodpecker T-600 looks ideal but £154 is not exactly making it an easy purchase. That said the pencil holes along the length are for me its selling point (along with the fact it's a well made tool of course). Anyone...
  16. shed9

    Interesting air nailer design

    Just saw this online; https://www.airbowsystems.com/ Airgun with onboard high pressure air tank making it untethered. I believe (may be wrong) they have started shipping in the UK at £600 including a free purpose built (310 bar) compressor. Interesting design given its the first iteration of...
  17. shed9

    Steam / relax drying kilns - Sauno

    Looking to get a Sauno and build a small kiln. Finding info on how it works seems very sparse. Logosol themselves don't say much and the manual says more about the styrene kiln structure than the unit itself. Are Sauno the only one in this game at that price point and is there a DIY approach to...
  18. shed9

    How do you store your hand planes?

    Can I ask how people store their hand planes? I have a basic wall mounted till above my bench for the planes I use the most and store the rest under the bench on a shelf. My workshop is fairly well insulated and has some climate control in the form of a medium sized dehumidifier however...
  19. shed9

    Where to get joinery grade wood in South Wales

    As the title suggests. Any recommendations for joinery grade wood in South Wales (preferably South West)? My stock is now dwindling and I have some external doors to bang out. I've used a few suppliers in the past but wanting to hear of new ones (whilst not naming others - if that makes...
  20. shed9

    Recommendation of Oberg file for wood

    As the title says, just sharing a recent find I made. Purchased an Oberg cut file recently (for little money) and this has quickly become my go to file for shaping wood. I went with a Bahco 1-106-10-1-0 (250mm version) and have to say this is just lovely to use. It simply doesn't clog, ever...