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  1. 6x4

    Sash scribing and gouging

    Interesting. Do you think there was a reason for a knock down sash, or was it simply that available glue wasn’t weatherproof so had no purpose anyway? [edit - found the answer in the video now, yes, no purpose being there] this is a good thread thanks.
  2. 6x4

    Loose tenons for workbench

    I fear you're right, a 38mm max through tenon probably isn’t going to work well in a workshop without some other joinery, blocks or gussets in the corners and that’s probably not what you’re trying to achieve with you M/T practice anyway? If you’ve already got the 38x89 stock, laminating that...
  3. 6x4

    Does cheap dust extraction hose exist?

    Above and below is much better and the crown guard should have a min ~63mm dust port, I’ve used piddly 30mm and 50mm ones before and they were binned and replaced. Of course that’ll be another hose you’ll need, sorry.
  4. 6x4

    Loose tenons for workbench

    Depends. There’s a workbench thread earlier this week and @Droogs helped reset the conversation by asking if it was for hand tool use or just power tools. To build something up to hand planing ( lots of sideways force) I went for 100x100 minimum for legs, with mortises as you describe. These...
  5. 6x4

    Right terminology for various parts of doors, windows etc on Benchtalk101

    Thanks for the link Andy, that was worth coming indoors for. I’ve found a new source of knowledge there I think.
  6. 6x4

    Workbench design questions

    At a brief glance he's built something as solid as a Roubo (unless I missed something) and put an apron on the front. It's good he shows a crochet (hook) for planing which will help you if you want to work without a vice at first. That design loses the clamping advantages of a roubo and...
  7. 6x4

    Workbench design questions

    No, don't shave your legs. Seriously as others have pointed out, stout legs are what a bench should be about. When you first mentioned aprons I though you were building a trad 'English' bench (a bit like Jacob's picture) , with aprons used to provide clamping surface for longer boards on edge...
  8. 6x4

    Workbench design questions

    No argument with the picture Jacob posted for the overall bench. My point was as attached here
  9. 6x4

    Workbench design questions

    Agree with both those points. Also if I understand you, you are describing butting the apron underneath the top, I think your life and end result will be better with a deeper 2x6 or 2x8 on the front added to the edge of the laminated top. This will help you clamp to the front. A rebate in that...
  10. 6x4

    Help a newbie - Stanley 5 1/2 plane

    How do the blade back or cap iron behave on a flat surface ( not just a straight edge) eg float glass? Do they rock, do they show twist?
  11. 6x4

    UK & Ireland TIMBER YARDS - PLEASE Add Your Favourites

    Country: Scotland Region Glasgow Vendor name: Reid Timber Town/City: Glasgow Hobby friendly (yes or no):yes Self select:yes Home delivery (yes or no): partial Online ordering (yes or no): partial Prices visible at the yard (yes or no): yes Domestic hardwoods (yes or no, or list the available...
  12. 6x4

    UK & Ireland TIMBER YARDS - PLEASE Add Your Favourites

    Country: Scotland Region Glasgow Vendor name: Paterson timber Town/City: Glasgow Hobby friendly (yes or no): yes, but phone ahead. They will quote off a cut list / design. Self select: yes Home delivery (yes or no): no Online ordering (yes or no): no Prices visible at the yard (yes or no): no -...
  13. 6x4

    Table saw blade decision

    Doug’s blades are good( I’ve joined that bandwagon elsewhere) and his FTG blade is indeed useful if you want to use it for joinery. I did rip a hell of a lot of SYP for a bench top last year and this combination did the job on a 10” saw with a 3.2 mm kerf. a couple of thoughts about your...
  14. 6x4

    Advice for router table build

    Is everything featherboarded within an inch of its life? Does the outfeed side of the work have capacity to move toward the fence/tilt/fall once the bead is cut, if so would an approx negative profile on the outfeed side help support this? Is it even that the work is vibrating when it...
  15. 6x4

    Advice for router table build

    When I changed from a commercially made one to my own make I looked at Tufnol, fireback laminate etc. and ended up with ......... Formica, laminated onto 2 x 19 mm sheets. I don’t like mdf in general but in this case it’s the most stable, the Formica laminate is on top AND bottom of course. With...
  16. 6x4

    Table Saw Blades

    Cutting Solutions seconded by me, I have 3 blades, plenty of carbide on them and some specialist grinds if that’s what you need.
  17. 6x4

    Tear out when drilling holes

    Absolutely right, that works well with brad point, lip/spur and originally brace bits too. Sharp, quality bits at higher speeds with light pressure will work well. An initial experiment with a Fisch Brad point and a hand drill on decent birch ply showed I almost had to hold back as it was so...