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    Bi-fold screen hinges - suppliers

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any other suppliers of these screen hinges. I've seen cheaper brassed steel ones on sites in the USA at around $2.00 each and would like to locate similar in UK if possible. Cheers, David
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    Spindle rebate block query

    Hi, Can anyone advise me please on the subject of a rebate block for my Kity spindle moulder? I want to reduce the tearout that I'm experiencing when using a standard euroblock by moving over to a dedicated rebate block with inbuilt scribes. Wealdon have two versions: one has blades mounted as...
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    Trend Airmaster and Ear defenders

    Hi all Trend Airmaster users, I'm thinking of buying one but am worried that it may not be possible to wear ear defenders when one has the Trend unit on. How do you cope? Cheers, David
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    LA Jack: 62 or 62.5?

    Could the assembled audience of plane experts give their considered opinion as to which is the better LA Jack? Is it the LN 62 or the Veritas VP3401 (62.5)? To me the choice is obvious, that of the Vertias because it has a wider blade and is a fair bit cheaper. However there may well be a sound...
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    Seasonal LN problem

    I popped into my workshop last night - picked up my bronze 102 and nearly got frost bite :lol: The temperature was around 5 C but the bronze felt more like -5 C. I'll have to make it a little heated store. Cheers, David
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    Jet JSS-16 Scroll Saw

    This looks, to me, to be a reasonable unit for someone wanting to do the occasional piece of scroll saw work. Can the scrolling specialists advise? Cheers, David
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    Anti Burglar Projectiles

    I'm curious about Alfs' latest Avatar activity - can we hear more? Cheers, David
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    Magzine availability

    In several threads recently there has been mention made of the difficulty of obtaining woodworking magazines, especialy from WHS. If you are near Totnes I can recomend Roybern newsagents at the top of town, who had last Saturday 8 different titles to choose from, including Fine Woodworking from...
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    Axminster Flush Cut Saw - left handed?

    Hi All, I've just bought one of these http://www.axminster.co.uk/product.asp?pf_id=23573&recno=1 and was very surprised to find that one has to cut left to right, due to the set being on the right of the blade when viewed from the top. Is this the case with all flush cut saws? Puzzled David.
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    What is the ideal height to mount a Woodrat (Little version)

    I'm just staring to sort out my new space and one of the items needing mounting is my litle rat. I'm think of putting it about 1.2 metres up - what heights have fellow users adopted? Cheers, David
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    Weight of Chipboard 12mm Sheet

    Can anyone point me in the direction of information re the weight of 12mm standard density 2440x1220 chipboard sheets? I've tried all manner of Google searches but without success. Cheers, David
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    Stanley 271

    Can anyone pass on some words of wisdom as to a good method of sharpening the blade on a 271? I find it very difficult to hold it in a consistent manner and consequently the bevel has a somewhat multifaceted look about it! Cheers, David
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    Can the MenAtNMA give us an update?

    Can the chaps at NMA give us an update on the likely availability of the replacement Kity range? Cheers, David
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    Good finish for Yew

    I've made a mirror frame from a really nice piece of air dried wany edge yew, which I want to finish so that the figuring is shown off to perfection. Any advice gratefully received.