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  1. Jonzjob

    Pub opening!

  2. Jonzjob

    Thread on turning rings?

    A short while back I saw a thread on turning rings and the OP was asking about how to hold them to turn the inner surface. I have tried to find it but can't. Had anyone any idea where it is and if so can you post the link for it please?
  3. Jonzjob

    Knitting needles

    It's got to be high amongst the strangest things I have been asked to make. The pair of rather large, almost fence pole size, knitting needles. 25mm X 50cm, black walnut and oak, 30mm X60cm, black walnut and oak and 40mm X 63cm, accoya and box. It was interesting and good skew chisel practice...
  4. Jonzjob

    Band saw box

    I have been making a fair amount of crochet hooks for various people and though a bit to one side about the sowing fraternity. They use a lot of pins don't they. These are some of them. Well SWMBO was asking if I could make her a better pin cushion as the one I made a long time ago was...
  5. Jonzjob

    Jonz wooden clock.

    Wooden clock 2012. Edited version as I hit the wrong button part way through posting :eek::eek: Silly boy! A year or so back I decided that I would like to make a wooden clock. Not one with brass rods, bearings or the like, but apart from the main weight and pendulum weight, completely out...
  6. Jonzjob

    Hitachi 1/4" router bearing problem.

    I have had a Hitachi M8V 1/4" router for years now and it has just started to sound as if one of the motor bearings is giving up, it rattles/screeches at times depending on the loading. It has been a very good router and although it's fairly old it's only been lightly used. Does anyone know if...
  7. Jonzjob

    Happy Easter

    Just before I go to bed I would like my 2 little Easter bunnies to wish everyone and lovely Happy Easter
  8. Jonzjob

    UPVC exterior door stop?

    We have just had a new kitchen door fitted and I'm trying to work out how to hold it in the open position? It opens outward and when open the bottom of the door is approx 5 1/2" off of the path. The door is glazed top and bottom and the center bar is in line with the window ledge. I was...
  9. Jonzjob

    A little quiz -- who said what?

    I got 16/20 https://www.buildquizzes.com/QFVIMY#
  10. Jonzjob

    I do like inside out vases

    I have grown to like inside out turning and decided to try to do something for the lady who has everything, or thinks she does? This is oak with a black walnut base. The glue for the base is drying at the moment and then all it needs is a coat of hard wax oil and a polish and then it's ready for...
  11. Jonzjob

    A sharpening I haven;t seen before?

    I haven't seen any gouges sharpened like the bloke in thhe video has his. Has anyone else? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd988yk6lSE It looks like a nightmare! Is it?? I am not critizing it, just curios. :? :?
  12. Jonzjob

    Yorkshire grit?

    I have been reading about Yorkshire grit for sanding on the lathe. Anyone used it and if so what's it like?
  13. Jonzjob

    Darkening a solid light oak TV stand

    It's not very often that I get to look inti this bit, but I have been given a task by SWMBO. We have just bought a nice low light oak haunted fish tank unit (TV stand to some) and SWMBO would like it darker than it is. It is hand waxed, with what type of wax is an unknown. Has anyone any ideas...
  14. Jonzjob

    My latest swop.

    I went in to see a guy in a local joiner/cabinet makers on Wednesday to see what off cuts they had. They had had some very nice black walnut in a couple of weeks back and I wondered?? Well, they had some of the off cuts from that little lot and I got some of it. I didn't get it for nowt though...
  15. Jonzjob

    Inside out candle stick

    I have wanted to turn a heart inside out jobbie for ages and at last I have got around to trying it. I have to admit that it's slightly easier to do a 2 piece than an 8 piece :mrgreen: I'm not too pleased with the finish because when I was turning the inside I had some break away from the top...
  16. Jonzjob

    6" round beveled edge mirrors?

    A fair while back I bought some of these mirrors from Axminster Power Tools. They no longer sell them. I have done a search and just can't find any? Has anyone any idea where I can get them from? They are for dressing table mirrors that I have done in the past, but it looks as if they may have...
  17. Jonzjob

    Craft fairs?

    Right, I'm off to do our first craft fair in Malmesbury and the first one since we left to live in France in 2004. My question is how do you, the 'royal you' price the treasures up for sale? I am trying to price things at the moment and trying to second guess just what people will be willing...
  18. Jonzjob

    Compressor hose adapter?

    I am just starting out to do some airbrushing on my RC model gliders. I have a compressor and it has a 'normal' push fit hose connector. I also have a short length of hose that was used for something else and it has a 3/8" screw thread fixing on teh output end. The airbrush I am getting has a...
  19. Jonzjob

    74 years ago today?

    yes 74 years ago today the war in Europe ended. Has there been any recognition in the news or radoi/TV? Non that I have read/seen/heard. Doesn't it matter any more? Can't we celebrate the eand of all those years of death and destruction in that war? Seems not! Very sad!
  20. Jonzjob

    Speciaal gardening reminder!

    Now listen up everyone! It's a special day in the garden and a beautiful one to boot! So get with it NOW https://www.firsttunnels.co.uk/page/NakedGardening No hanging about now please 8)