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  1. J

    102/apron plane mouth width

    I'm looking to get a decent 102 sized block plane, my choices are Lie Nielsen 102, Workshop Heaven Quangsheng Luban 102, and Veritas Apron plane. Does anyone know the mouth width with the blade in place of the Veritas Apron plane? Apparently, Veritas said: "The 1/8” is the machined opening in...
  2. J

    DIN markings, is "DIN 874" same as "DIN 874/00"?

    I bought a straight edge recently which is suppose to be made to DIN 874/00. There are fours grades in the standard: 874/00, the most accurate and the most expensive 874/0 874/1 874/2 The box has "DIN 874/00" on it as you would expect but the straight edge itself is only marked "DIN 874"...
  3. J

    Low angle vs standard angle block plane

    Low angle block plane: 12 degree bed angle + 25 blade bevel = 37 effective pitch. Standard angle block plane: 20 degree bed angle + 25 blade bevel = 45 effective pitch. If I put a 33 degree bevel blade on the low angle plane: 12 degree bed angle + 33 blade bevel = 45 effective pitch, would it...
  4. J

    Clifton block plane price

    As far as I can see, UK made Clifton bench planes are about 15% cheaper than the imported Lie Nielsen bench planes eg £324 vs £380 for 5 1/2, and the shoulder planes are about the same. Why is the Clifton block plane with adjustable mouth priced at £288 which is more than £100 more expensive...
  5. J

    Plane sole wear, bronze vs iron

    How does a bronze plane compare with an iron plane with regards to sole wear? I'm thinking of block planes, where it will be used to plane a curved surface so the wear will be concentrated in the middle of the sole. I'm not too concerned about rust or weight. Current decent block planes all...
  6. J

    100 year old new Stanley plane

    I suppose there aren't many completely new unused 100+ year old planes around, assuming it's not a fake. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stanley-NOS-No ... 4730558822 I think that particular nickel plated version is dated 1900-1920. OK, it's a mass produced tool, probably tens of thousands and more...
  7. J

    Posting parcels over 2kg

    I'm not sure whether to put this thread in the Hand Tools section or General Chat (Off-Topic), mods? I'm begining to sell off some of my hand tools but this is also relevant for people buying tools. The prices for sending stuff weighing 2-3kg is ridiculous. Royal Mail's pricing for Second...
  8. J

    Paring chisel without bolster

    I got these 2 long thinish bevel edge paring chisels that don't have bolsters/shoulders, width is 16mm and 17mm. There's no maker's names. I don't think they are turning tools as they are only 3.2mm thick and have normal chisel handles. They seem to be be very well made, the bevels are...
  9. J

    "I.D.FY" on C.Hill carving tool

    I've got 2 C.Hill carving gouges, one side says "C.Hill, Sheffield", the other has a canon trademark and then "I.D.FY". Does anyone what is "I.D.FY"? I found the following on a Charles Hill of Sheffield: http://sheffieldindexers.com/TradeDirec ... ent_page=2 Incidentally, Marples was...
  10. J

    Replacement iron for 9 1/2 block plane

    Has anyone got any experience of new Stanley replacement irons? I'm after one for my Record 9 1/2 which takes the older style of blade. This Stanley one is about £8: https://www.stanleytools.com/en-us/prod ... ade/12-331 Ray Iles makes them but it's £17 (13.50+3.50P&P). All I'm looking for...
  11. J

    Dating Norton Arkansas Pocket Stone

    I've got this Norton Abrasives Arkansas (hard white)Pocket Stone, seems to be new old stock. It's very small: 50x20x6mm. Does anyone know how old it is? The label on the stone is a transfer/decal, the colours are very bright. Some clues that might help are: "Pike" brand name on stone and box...
  12. J

    S. Addis Jr carving tool?

    Hello all, I got this carving tool recently, it's worn out but the interesting thing about it is the name on, I think it says: "S. ADDIS . JR". There are no other markings. The second dot is the decimal point, half way vertically, or it could be just a random smudge. And the last R is...
  13. J

    Cleaning brushes and Mylands Lacacote sanding sealer

    Has anyone used Mylands Lacacote sanding sealer before? The product sheet says use meths to clean up but I get white lumps on the brush and the hair goes stiff. I also get white bits on the wood especially in the pores.
  14. J

    Does PVA glue go off by itself?

    Does new PVA glue deteriorate by itself? If you open a new bottle and pour the glue into a smaller bottle so that there's almost no air inside the bottle, will the glue still go off?
  15. J

    How do you say "fagus"?

    OK I guess it's not a word that's often spoken aloud but how do you say "fagus" as in fagus sylvatica, the European beech? Is it fa as in "far" or "father", then gus like the name "Gus"? Or is gus like "goose"? Or maybe the first a is short as in "mag"?
  16. J

    PVA glue gone clear

    I've got a 500g bottle of UHU pva glue, bought from Lidl a few years ago, that has gone clear or transparent or colourless. It's always been kept indoors and I squeeze the bottle before closing the cap to keep as little air in as possible. Before going clear, it did get quite thick and I added...
  17. J

    Lacquer on Record 077a bull nose plane

    I've got a Record 077a bull nose plane, it seems to have lacquer all over it including under the "handle", is it original? There's some rust "veins" under the lacquer and I had to scrape it off before sanding off the rust.
  18. J

    Plane mouth size and pitch (blade angle)

    To prevent tearout on figured wood and for a single iron plane (no cap iron), does the mouth size relate to the effective pitch of the iron? If you have a higher pitch, does it mean you can get away with having a wider mouth? Eg can a 55 degree effective pitch plane have a wider mouth than one...
  19. J

    Tool ID: telescopic sliding pointer burnisher thingy?

    I got this in a job lot of chisels and misc woodworking tools: The main section has another tube inside and slides out. The second part comes off, you turn it around and put it back in, the "pointer" seems to be a translucent plastic. When extended it's the length of a pen. It's quite finely...
  20. J

    Knife ID (probably not woodworking)

    I got these two knives in a job lot of chisels: The one with the curved blade (stamped "Foreign") I think is a lino or flooring cutting knife but what's the other one with the pivoting blade?