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    Yet another wood ID

    Hi All Local tree surgeons allowed me free pick of there mixed pile. Here's photos of the one i don't know Any help would be much appreciated. End grain of log is previous photo (if that makes sense)!!!! I think log4 is Ash. Interested to find out what #5 is Geoff
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    Miterset for Segmenting

    Hi All Rutlands are selling this item for £70 + P+P Wondering if anyone owns one and there thoughts. I have a Dewalt DWE7491 job-site T/S and the table runners are 19.4mm(0.763"), I thought I read this only works for 19.05mm(3/4") but can't seem find this info now. Currently using a Wedgie sled...
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    Sorry Dust extraction for Lathe question

    Hi All Hope your all keeping safe currently. I'm looking for a dust extractor just for sanding on the lathe, I realise it's wasteful otherwise. I've read and probably re-read a lot of posts on here on the subject. My requirement/preference is small if possible(limited space) I am currently using...