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    IMPAX IM800I generator.

    Genys are rated in Kva, Apparent power (kVA) x power factor (Pf) = actual power (kW) or Actual power (kW) / power factor (Pf) = apparent power (kVA) because the geny is a power source and not a load, it has to supply the total amount of power to a system even if not all of it is actual power.
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    Band saw or table saw

    You will only miss the table saw after you have sold it, then you will find yourself in a tightspot and wish you still had it, there is no one saw that will do everything and is just a case of right tool for the job, maybe someone will come up with a swiss army table saw and solve all problems.
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    More price increases

    Fat people put themselves at risk because they are more difficult to manage when needing medical help, they fall and you would think they bounce but they break hips and bones. Then medics may have to get them out the house into the meat wagon so hard work often requiring two medic teams and...
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    solar water heating panels

    I think you get much hotter weather for more months of a year than we ever do, so should be very efficient in Greece. Only ever known one person to use them and that was some time back, hot water in summer and pre heating water to the boiler in winter.
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    Book selling best outlet suggestions

    Times have changed, books used to be a valuable source of information and valued but now so many just rely on the internet or digital versions, for me there is nothing better than having a physical book to read as there is something with a book you cannot get online. I think your idea of...
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    More price increases

    Not to mention god knows what other products, a lot of people don't eat the rubbish from fast food outlets because they want to, it is an addiction just like smoking, alcohol and drugs and carries it's own set of long term risk. But like many things that are not right they eventually become the...
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    More price increases

    Went out today to look at getting some landscaping materials to finish some pathways in the garden, went to a supplier who has been around years and sells the real stuff, not the cast in concrete and was suprised how empty his yard was. Well looks like MDF and wood may have been hit, but so...
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    More price increases

    Not sure that is correct in the correct sense of eating better. They will certainly eat at better restuarants, be more willing to travel to find a decent restuarant and probably do not set foot in places that sell rubbish where the packaging contains more nutrition than what has been classed as...
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    Alexa control in my workshop

    Could be interesting, one way to run extraction by yelling at Alexa but somethings need to be on without risk of Alexa turning them off, ie lights and you do not want Alexa having direct control of any machinery unless it has a DOL starter or a NVR switch where you have to push the button.
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    Record BS400 ball bearing guides?

    Look at the guides for the later Sabre bandsaws, when I get round to it I will only be changing the top set as they do all the work. Also Record sell the sabre fence as an upgrade for the BS range. There has been a lengthy topic on guide mods on here recently, so do a search, it was started...
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    Question on air compressors:::

    What size is your current compressor, it may be that you just need to add an extra receiver. How long does it take to reach pressure, and what is that pressure?
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    More price increases

    I think that once you have too much money and in a position where building a house is like us buying a tablesaw then you do what you want and don't care about resale, probably not a good place to be although everyone wishes it was for them, in reality it can be a bad thing. @NormanB "The...
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    Consumer Units For Workshop

    As I have said in other post, industrial is so much easier than getting involved with domestic and having all phases and a proper TN-S supply makes design easy. So I have heard Germany uses three phase in many domestic settings for hot water and so is France the same.
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    More price increases

    Do you eat a lot of Indian and need a toilet close by? When we moved up north and was looking for property we did look at a very large bungalow, big garden with stream and nicely laid out but the kitchen was a closset, good for making tea and sandwiches but not enough room to swing a dog and...
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    Band saw or table saw

    Bandsaw will cut curves and much deeper, tablesaw straight rip cuts in thicker wood, tracksaw for sheet goods so difficult choice. I kept my table saw but made a worktop to sit on top so it is there when needed but at other times it is a small assembly/workbench so no longer just taking up...
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    Auto master/slave switch

    Some people run some very big extraction systems of 3 Kw but I use just a small Nilfisk and a bigger SIP as don't have the space to give up for anything bigger and wear decent mask, plus don't use much MDF! For all those looking at big extraction systems using barrels and cyclones, has anyone...
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    Auto master/slave switch

    Tread carefully, the seller states they are for IT use and not tablesaws, and as @Rorschach has said are wired in 0.75mm, 6 amps or 1400 watts . A solution would be to use the device to switch a contactor and the you could run much larger extractors.
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    Ventilating a 1 1/2 story house.

    You need to install air conditioning, what has happened to when it was normally cooler up North, oh yes global warming. Carries on like this we will be like the tropics and start to grow palm trees and cactus.
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    More price increases

    But who is benefitting, the only people really affected are those trying to get onto the property ladder, or gaining a property through inheritance. If you class the property as your home then does it really mater what it is worth. In the UK many who live a distance from, find London...
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    Consumer Units For Workshop

    That is all I would fit when changing boards, just such a better option not having common RCD's to knock out half the board, now people can worry less about their freezers. I think the confusion comes about because they tend to list them from the overload perspective and not the residual...