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    Jet JWBS-16 Bandsaw - electrical issues

    All, I have a Jet JWBS-16 bandsaw, I live in uk, so its single phase. Up to now its been fine, but over the weekend, it died on me ! Press the start button and it trips out the electrics in the workshop, not just the circuit its on, but all the electrics...so one minute power and light, the...
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    Help - advice needed

    Hello,, We have a stone building with a corrugated metal room, which doubles as a garage and also has workshop space with it. trouble is - its damp ! we know there are some issues with the pointing on the building - someone used cement rather than line mortar on the pointing, so thats being...
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    Bosch GTS10 - motor rebuild

    Hi all,,, My Bosch GTS tablesaw died on me last weekend, Have checked the plug, switch etc and it is definately the motor that is dead !!!! Does anyone know where i can get instructions for rebuilding one of these, as you can purchase all of the parts, but not a complete motor. Thanks
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    Axminster - change in customer service

    All, Please be careful when ordering from Axminster using the website, especially regards the delivery. I placed an order yesterday for a number of small items and as I have done many times before I opted for standard delivery, because in the past my experience of standard delivery was that it...
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    Dictum - Anyone deal with them

    Hi All,, I am trying to get a response from the folks at Dictum, and apart from an automated e-mail response there has been nothing. Tried calling and got an automated response in German. Anyone else dealing with them at the moment, and having issues ? Thanks Kevin
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    Saw Doctor Required

    Does anyone know of a saw doctor in essex / herts area ? I have an old Spear and Jackson tenon saw that requires sharpening, which I beyond my skill level at the moment. Thanks Kevin
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    Axminster Stock

    All, Was just on the axminster website, looking at sash cramps, and every single option was showing as out of stock ? Is anyone else noticing that there doesn't seem to be a great deal of anything available. Know its Q1` of the year and stock is usually kept low, but ???
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    Full Face masks

    Hi, Apologies if this is this in the wrong place ! Because I do not have a dedicated workshop I use a shop vac / /cyclone to remove the majority of waste, however, there is still a fair bit of dust and for some activities my current facemask.glasses ear protectors just arent making the grade ...
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    Hardwoods - trying to find !

    All, can anyone help,,, My other half has asked me to make her a couple of boxes, however shes asked me if they could be in either Magnolia, Butternut or White Ash. Now the White Ash is not going to be hard to find, but after checking a lot of the websites for SL Timbers, Exotic Hardwoods...
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    Classic Hand Tools - Open Day

    All, Does anyone know if this is going ahead, it is shown in the show list as the 16th of June, i.e, tomorrow, (Saturday), but on checking their website I dont see any mention of it. Anyone know if its happening ? Thanks
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    Axminster / Fedex

    Guys, One to be aware of; Axminster use either FedEx or TNT as couriers, and from speaking to helpful person at Axminster, it is possible to specify which you prefer they use. I mention this because for the second time in a week FedEx has pulled a fast one on me, and dumped goods meant for me...
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    Help !! Does anyone know of somewhere I can get three raidiator covers sprayed in Essex ? I live near stansted airport, so would need to be somewhere reasonable local. Undertaking some decorating and these need to be 'refreshed' Thanks in advance for the help, Kevin P.S. - mods - if I...
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    South East Woodworking Show this weekend -

    Thoughts / views welcome.... Thinking about going to the show on Saturday - HOWEVER,,,, Went to the last two shows at Ally Pally and wasnt very impressed, in both cases a few interesting bits, some interesting potential purchases and then felt let down. Same goes for the shows at Cressing...
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    All, Anyone know of a company supplying a paint spraying service near to the Essex / Herts border ? We are decorating and have a number of radiator covers made from MDF that would prefer to be spray painted rather than by hand. Would do this myself, however, lack of suitable space, equipment...
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    Supplier request

    All, apologies if this in the wrong place ! I'm in the the process of making a box for SWMBO, specifically to hold jewellry, chains etc. Can anyone tell me where I can get the hook strip that is found in commercial boxes for this ? Thanks in advance for the help,,,,,
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    Stopped Dovetail joints

    Has anyone ever used stopped dovetail joints for bookcase or similar ? And is it possible to do without a router table ? LOML wants me to make a pedastal unit and using stopped dovetails or stopped rebates is the only way I can think to do it... I'll post a drawing once I've refined it a bit...
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    Best place to sell

    All, Looks like I am going to have to sell all my tools. Any suggestions as to the best place ? Would rather not use ebay as I had issues when I sold my dive gear a while back. Thanks in advance. Kevin
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    Miles Toola and Machinery Centre

    Hi Anyone else having problems contacting Miles Tools and Machinery ???? I ordered a couple of small spare parts over a week ago, they confirmed the order and it was paid for on the same day. Checked the website today and the parts are showing as not even having been despatched. I know they...
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    Fine Woodworking Magazine

    Hi All,, Can anyone help, I'm trying to find out who the UK distributors of the magazine are, with no success. Why - because I cant seem to find it in my local shop anymore, and they cant tell me if there is a problem. I know the ultimate answer is to get a subscription, but,,,, Thank for...
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    WorkSharp - Rutlands

    Hi All, Anyone have any views, thoughts etc about the Worksharp device that Rutlands are now selling ?? Saw the original device in US couple of years ago and looking very impressive,,,but couldnt get one as they wouldnt support/warranty anything outside NA. Now seriuously thinking about...