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    Laguna Dust Extractors.

    Hi people, Has anyone on here had anything to do with the new range of Laguna dust extractors ? In particular the P Flex 3 cyclone. I have seen a few videos on You Tube, but was wondering if anyone on here has one, or used one and could put their views on here. T.I.A. Mark.
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    Festool Router - SOLD.

    Hi, I have for sale one Festool OF 2200 EB-Plus GB 240V Router. and the Accessories set for the above, ZS-OF 2200 M. These are both brand new and never used. They both come in their own Systainers. I am having a bit of a downsize, and these are both surplus to requirements. The Router has...
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    Scheppach 2600ci planer/thicknesser.

    I have recently bought one of these off e-bay unfortunately without the operating instructions. I can surface plane no problem, but when I switch over into thicknessing mode, I can't get the motor to run. Does anyone on here have the same machine please, and if so can you tell this numpty what...
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    Hi everyone, I have been offered a Sheppach HMS 260 P/T. Was just wondering if anyone on here had one, and if so are they any good ? It is a 1998 model. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mark.
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    New van

    Bit of a long shot, but thought I would put it out there. Currently looking for another van (Renault Master/Vauxhall Movano) and there is a company in Wigan called Westwood vans, just wondered if any forum members had any dealings with them, good or bad. T.I.A. Mark.
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    Roger Berwick aka Dodge.

    I would just like to publicly say thankyou to Roger for his help in my plight over buying a drum sander. He offered to show and demonstrate his Senior sander to me which was very helpfull. I have been hankering after one of these for sometime now,but was in the wanted to try before I buy...
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    Where are you!

    Just a suggestion and apologies if this has been brought up before. There seems to be a lot of things that come up for sale,and one of the first questions is where in the country are you? Would it not be easier if when you registered for the forum you had to put at least what county you lived...
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    Wealden spindle tooling

    Hi people, Does anyone here use any of the spindle cutters from Wealdens? Looking at their prices they seem quite a bit cheaper than Whitehill,and I was wondering if the quality was as good? I have used their router bits before,and have found them to be very good and was hoping the same for...
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    For Sale.

    I have a Record power DX5000 extractor for sale. It is under one year old,and has only filled 6 bags! This is the wall mounted extractor. A few of the specs. 2x1000 watt motors (switched independently) Designed to filter down to 0.5 microns. Airflow 106 litres per second. Chip capacity 200...
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    For Sale.

    Hi all, I have for sale a Fuji Q4 HVLP Pro System paint sprayer for sale. It is brand new in the box and obviously never been used. It is for sale due to a change of course in my paint finishing. I also have the Fuji whiphose (brand new) for sale separately. Details of both of the above can...
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    Workshop Tour.

    Hi, welcome to a tour of my workshop. I have been doing a bit of a revamp in here and have nearly got it as I want it. The main concern was to improve my dust extraction and do the best I could with the budget I allowed myself. It is hard to spend money on this when you could be spending it on...
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    Adding text to pictures in Photobucket,help please.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to post some pictures for the first time from Photobucket. When adding text to the pictures,it appears in my album in Photobucket with the relevant pictures. The problem arrises when I cut and paste them to the forum,the pictures are there but no text! Has anyone got...
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    Hi everyone, Following on from 9fingers post,I shall be travelling from Norwich down to Somerset on Saturday to pick up another toy :lol: If I can help anyone out providing it's not miles and miles off my route let me know. Have a lwb hi-top Movano van. regards, Mark.
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    Still Undecided !!!

    Hi everyone, thanks to everyone who had input into the Jet- 310 P/T that I asked about. Still undecided about what P/T to go for :? What does anyone know about Holztech machinery,in particular their P/T's? Again any feedback would be much appreciated,thanks guys. Mark.
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    Jet JPT-310 Planer/Thicknesser.

    Hi everyone, I am in the market for another P/T. Having looked on e-bay for a few weeks and getting beat, or they are too far away it looks like it is going to have to be a new one :cry: My local tool shop (Horsford for the locals) are running a really good deal on the Jet JPT-310. I have...
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    "Oh Yippee"

    The new toy from Austria is being delivered and commissioned next week, can't wait, only a few more sleepless nights :lol: Men and their toys eh! Mark. :lol:
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    Opepe Decking.

    Hi chaps,thought I would share this with you. The job I am on at the moment,is to cut in a pair of PVCu (Sigh!)French doors Into a circular ended building. Lots of hidden steel etc but all good fun :lol: Anyway the brief was that as it is a restaurant entrance,it had to have wheelchair...
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    For Sale

    I have for sale (Again!!!!), one Kreg Master Pocket Hole Jig. This is brand new, never been out of the box. £75-00 inc postage to mainland UK, if anyone is interested pm me. Will leave it on here for a few days,if no one is interesed then I will put it on e-bay. Mark.
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    Record DX5000

    Need some advice on the above extractor please. Has anyone got the Record DX5000,or had the use of one if so any feedback would be much appreciated. Mark.
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    For Sale.

    Hi everyone, having a bit of a clearout in the wokshop,and have the following for sale. I thought I would offer them to the forum first,before they go on e-bay. 1-Kreg K3 Master System pocket hole set,brand new never used £70-00 1-Kity 613 bandsaw will take up to a 25mm blade £175-00...