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  1. sxlalan

    Cordless Drill Recommendations

    Hi The wife of a friend has asked me to pick out a cordless drill for his upcoming birthday (top spend of £170). I am not sure what I should be looking at. Is voltage (18 v 14.4) critical or would battery size be more important? I have been looking at a couple from Makita...
  2. sxlalan

    Invisible Latch?

    I am trying to install a small door from our loft conversion into an area of remaining loft space that we use for storage. I would like the door to be as inconspicuous as possible and so would like an invisible open/close mechanism/latch rather than a traditional handle. I have found the...
  3. sxlalan

    Fox PT

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of this Fox PT on sale at Rutlands? Cheers Alan
  4. sxlalan

    Safari users beware

    Mac attacks seem to be comming thick and fast at the moment - 3 in the last 2 weeks. No where near Windows scales but a worrying trend. The latest vulnerability is in Safari and users may want to take the precautions detailed here until a fix is out. Alan
  5. sxlalan

    Mac Virus/Worm

    Just an FYI for those mac users out there ... it looks like nothing is sacred... http://blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=100
  6. sxlalan

    Chisel Sharpening

    Hi All What would be the best way to flatten the backs and sharpen a bunch of new chisels? I have red/green DMT, an 800 grit Waterstone and a 6000 grit waterstone at my disposal. The chisels and stones are new and I have no previous tool sharpening experience so sorry for the vagueness of the...
  7. sxlalan

    Xcalibur Table Saw

    I am starting to think about lashing out on an Xcalibur 10" Tilting Table Saw (804 01 01). Does anyone know what the Half Cast & Sliding option listed for £50 is like? Cheers Alan
  8. sxlalan

    Another Vac Question

    I see on another thread that the Trend T30AF is getting good reviews. I am also looking for a shop vac but am a bit put off by the £140 price tag of the Trend. As an alternative I am considering this Earlex model. My main concern is dust filtration. The T30AF seems to do down to 0.3micron...
  9. sxlalan


    I am looking at making Ian Dalziel's fab workbench. Unfortunately, it uses some rather hefty pieces of Beech. My local supplier (British Hardwoods) can only supply beech up to 2" (50mm) thick which rules out the following pieces... Dog hole strip 2 x...
  10. sxlalan


    I'm looking at upgrading my router table top and would like to laminate the replacement... Unfortunately I'm not having any luck finding where to buy the stuff. Does anyone know a good place to look? Cheers Alan
  11. sxlalan

    Hand Cutting Mortises

    Is there a recommended way to cut a mortise by hand? Should I start at and end and work towards the centre or start in the centre and work out? Should the bevel on the chisel face the centre or the end? We were shown one way at college and the Collins woodworking book describes another. Do...
  12. sxlalan

    Sharpening Spirits

    Has anyone ever tried using mineral spirits as a lubricant on a DMT sharpening 'stone' re this article? Is mineral spirit the same thing as white spirit? Cheers Alan
  13. sxlalan

    Mortice Gauge

    Anyone know where I can get a reasonable mortice gauge (ie where the sliding pin is adjusted via a screw) for under £40 (which seems a little steep)? Cheers Alan
  14. sxlalan


    There seems to be a lot of support for the Trend respirators on this site but very little mention of the Aircap. Does anyone have any experience with this kit? It looks take a bit of getting use to but it seemed the more robust of the two having looked them over at the Harrogate show on the...
  15. sxlalan

    Bookcase visions...

    Hi All I am looking at making a cupboard/bookcase for my daughters nursery. I have come up with an idea along these lines... ...Please excuse the crudeness of the drawing, it is my first attempt at SketchUp and I am finding it a bit of a challenge! The proportions are all wrong but it...
  16. sxlalan

    Chipboard Flooring

    Hi I am looking at replacing our upstairs floorboards prior to carpeting and have been told that T&G chipboard if the way to go. I was just wondering what the best way to fix this down is and how I best combat uneven beams? Are there any other tips I should be aware of? Cheers Alan
  17. sxlalan

    Circular Saw Blade

    I am looking for a blade to cut MDF, Chipboard and to trim a few hardwood doors. Are these from CMT a good option or are the Freud ones here or here (model 13955)a better choice? Thanks Alan
  18. sxlalan

    Saw Guide

    Hi All Does anyone have any experience of these Axminster Saw Guides? Are they any good or am I as well off with a batton screwed to some MDF? Cheers Alan
  19. sxlalan

    Sliding Mitre Saw

    I am looking at buying a sliding mitre saw aroung the £200-£250 mark. On the list at present are the EB KGS 255, the Dewalt DW707 and the Rexon SM2151AL. DOes anyone have any feelings on these? I have used the elusive search function on the forums and the EB seems to be reasonably well...
  20. sxlalan

    PM Delay

    I was just wondering how long a PM should take to move out of my outbox? I sent on 8 hours ago and it is still sat there :shock: Cheers Alan