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  1. Bill Mooney

    Cap'n Eddie Castelin

    Best wishes to Eddie on a good recovery.
  2. Bill Mooney

    A few pens I made today

    All very nice pens Woody, I like the x cut laburnum. Great finish on all the pens.
  3. Bill Mooney

    Finished the Spalted Monkey Puzzle

    This is a beauty Vic.
  4. Bill Mooney


    I've made some of these & after roughing out on the bandsaw I used a bobbin sander mounted on the lathe to shape them then hand sanded thro' grits. A very nice bunch Paul. Well done.
  5. Bill Mooney

    Spalted Beech Bowl

    Lovely bowl Vic, like the grain pattern. Bill
  6. Bill Mooney

    This really sucks big time

    Greg, I have the Javac CC31 vacuum pump. The firm is Javac UK Ltd. Phone no. 01642232870.
  7. Bill Mooney

    This really sucks big time

    Make another sanding disc about 200mm - 300 diameter, cover the face with your closed cell foam, drill a hole in the centre & fix your beer tube as per your chuck. Spin the disc on the lathe & make concentric rings approx 25mm apart with a biro, this helps to roughly centre a bowl so as you can...
  8. Bill Mooney


    Great result all round Kim.
  9. Bill Mooney

    Homespun Turning Tools again

    I bought carbide tips on eBay & made my tools from mild steel bar. The link shows me turning with my tools in a 2 part video, you can access part 2 on the site. They really do remove the timber. You need chip deflectors. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NFF4PoPi6Wk
  10. Bill Mooney


    Hi Pete, I got an email from Bill Blasic with a link which took me to the site to sign in. You are recognised by your email address & asked to log in. You can log in with a different user name & password to create your new account. As Paul says no spaces in your user name. Try this link & when...
  11. Bill Mooney


    I've been a member of Wow for 4 years now & had 1 piece on the cover & it does make you feel great because you are judged by your peers, makes you feel humble too because of the comments you get.. I can still access the site via a bookmark & read the comments. Pappa Herm is trying a new site...
  12. Bill Mooney

    nova lathe vacuum adaptor SUCCESS! WIP

    Have a word with Simon Hope who should be able to help.
  13. Bill Mooney

    Corian Box

    Thanks for the tip.
  14. Bill Mooney

    Corian Box

    I turn a lot of corian & find it easy to turn. I use scrapers as these give the best finish. I turn at 3200 rpm as fastest is best. I dry sand down to 1200 at 1000 rpm then polish withT-cut & finish with burnishing cream at1500 rpm. This gives a high polish. I use the same method for making...
  15. Bill Mooney

    How do you like yours?

    A friend of mine got bored with his sandwiches & told his wife to be inventive & use her imagination. She did & the next day he got sugarpuffs on toast. He didn't complain again.
  16. Bill Mooney

    My Pens so far

    I make a lot of pens & use CA on timber. I always clean my timber with meths spirit to kill any oil or grease on the timber before applying the CA to stop dull spots.
  17. Bill Mooney

    Re-mounting roughed bowls

    I always mark the centre of my spigot when I rough turn a bowl. When I remount the bowl I put the bowl over the scroll chuck & bring the tailstock up & centre the spigot. Use enough pressure to jam the bowl onto the chuck to form a friction drive & true up the the spigot & re-turn , sand &...
  18. Bill Mooney

    left handed turning

    hope they help & inspire you.
  19. Bill Mooney

    left handed turning

    Thanks for the reply Eugene, it's amazing how we adapt.
  20. Bill Mooney

    left handed turning

    I have a friend who is paralysed down his right side & is in a wheel chair. follow this link & see how he turns after the proper training. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y2u0S_XvhA