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  1. TheTiddles

    Glue help please!

    D4 is a durability classification, not a drying time. If you want to slow an adhesive down, put it in the fridge before you use it and assemble first thing in the morning when the ambient temperature is lower. A longer open time is one option, the other is a faster assembly operation.
  2. TheTiddles

    Powder Post Beetle

    Cut off the infected part, treat the rest and check anything it’s been near
  3. TheTiddles

    Benchdogs Fence Mk2 query

    Yes, same thought /concern here, would like a sacrificial "nose" on the end, however your TCT saw teeth won't mind a gentle cut into the ali if it's carefully done. Overall, good though isn't it?
  4. TheTiddles

    The State Of Furniture

    It's a generally considered fundamental of science that a single piece of evidence doesn't support an entire theory. I had some 19th century mahogany dining chairs which were in parts strips of mahogany glued to knotty pine, they'd been wobbly for the last 40 years at least, partially due to the...
  5. TheTiddles

    Side rail hinges - different sizes?

    I’d be very interested in how you find them, I thought of buying some for a trial but just looking at the picture they aren’t the quality of the much more expensive ones. The likes of neat hinges etc will be fine on a box that size
  6. TheTiddles

    The State Of Furniture

    Heresy! Fetch the pitchforks! And make sure they’re the ones with wooden tines, none of those modern metal ones
  7. TheTiddles

    Wolf Drill Overhaul

    Yep, we inherited some old metal cased circular saws in the 90’s, steel blades, none of this rubbish modern carbide nonsense, mostly burnt through the wood rather than cutting but did it with a cool blue glow as the motor and brushes sparked all over the place, the first one tripped the house...
  8. TheTiddles

    The State Of Furniture

    On the Island, that’s only just come into fashion, I hear they will have electricity one day soon
  9. TheTiddles

    The State Of Furniture

    Not everyone on here is a stuck-in-the-past cynic with no idea how much they owe the modern world for their continued luxurious existence, but don’t get me wrong, there are a lot!
  10. TheTiddles

    The State Of Furniture

    IKEA is fabulous. Enabling average people to have nice things.
  11. TheTiddles

    Glue help please!

    Any modern adhesive will be fine. I’d use a D4 just in case, that’s still readily available and cheap
  12. TheTiddles

    Wolf Drill Overhaul

    Your desktop is not doing what it was in the 90’s, if you think it is, please try streaming video in 4K from the internet on it. Computer technology doesn’t have the longevity of a power drill because the technology moves quickly and drilling technology doesn’t, so it’s not worth making things...
  13. TheTiddles

    Wolf Drill Overhaul

    Sigh. If you don’t like modern technology… stop using it.
  14. TheTiddles

    Festool Kapex Recall

    You know Festool is made in Germany right?
  15. TheTiddles

    Oak Box

    Have a try with neat hinges, once you’ve tried them you won’t go back
  16. TheTiddles

    CE Marking

    I don’t know who told you that, but it’s really wrong. Safety applies to everyone, regulations apply to situations and products as applicable, no exceptions. Windows are outside my area so I don’t know what regulations apply. There is a general safety clause in UKCA that applies to anything...
  17. TheTiddles

    Cedar of Lebanon Backs

    I’d recommend using 50mm thick boards then, twice as good as 25mm
  18. TheTiddles

    Cedar of Lebanon Backs

    What makes you think planks of cedar will have an effect that a veneer won’t? A quick search doesn’t reveal much evidence for cedar working at all to repel or kill moths, albeit the only article I could find came from the 50’s and was compared with DDT which oddly enough worked rather well
  19. TheTiddles

    Domino Jointers Are they really worth it, or just a gimic

    I think that’s off topic and shouldn’t be asked
  20. TheTiddles

    Bandsaw Motor next to Cylinder Melted

    It should say on it what specification it, machine manufacturer spare prices are just markups of COTS parts so just get the same spec and it’ll be a swap out, so long as the connection to it is still healthy?