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    Record Power Select Table saw 10"

    I am hoping someone can help with this saw :D I purchased of a well known site ...and have to say it runs so quitely I was expecting it to be noisy :o any way i need a manual/parts list as this one has not got one circa 2002 its the blue version as i need a few spares like no guard...
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    Oil stone

    I have bought a cheap oil stone (well actually it came with some cheap chisels lol ) :shock: but i want to have a go at sharpening them before i go on to more expensive chisels any way my question is can i use water on these stones instead of oil if it is oil that i have to use will 3 in 1...
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    Painting Hardboard

    I have searched but cannot find any help on this subject :oops: so can anyone help me I have a tv stand with open back so with all the wires that now protrude from the back with all the components skybox,dvd player etc i want to hide them so you cannot see through to the back and was...
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    A few insomniacs on here this morning looking at the posts :D :roll: :wink:
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    Stella Artois weeker

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/al ... ser-165370 I thought it was different dam the politicians :occasion5: :tongue9:
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    Help...Circular saw blade

    have been trying to find a circular saw blade to fit my hand held circular saw dimensions 190mm od x thickness 2.5mm and about 40 teeth but with a bore of 24mm the bore seems to be the stumbling block as any one any ideas please where i may obtain ...have been googling like mad lol to no...
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    Removing glue

    Hi all I have a problem with a glue dispenser bottle (it is the Gorilla adhesive bottle type) the glue has become hard in the tip of the bottle and so no glue comes out, i have to unscrew cap and pour onto the wood. is there any thing that i can use to remove the set glue in the top .....and...
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    Need help Bench Top

    I really do need some help as regards what do i put on the top of my new bench (i have the base done i.e legs) I have been around most of the kitchen suppliers to obtain a damaged work top to no avail in my area :cry: so i have come up with some alternatives and this is where i need your help...
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    Bench Worktop

    Hi i need some advice I am building a bench and would like some input as what to put on the top ..do i use two pieces of 18mm ply or 2 x 18mm mdf .....i was going to use damaged kitchen worktops (40mm) but they seem to appear in a blue moon here .......or is there an alternative all suggestions...
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    Compound sliding mitre saw

    After many years I would like to get back to doing some carpentry so i have been out and purchased some wood all ready cut to length to build my bench but..... I would like to purchase a compound sliding mitre saw ....have no use yet for the compound mitre as yet but thinking (and building )...
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    Cant see Videos

    Hi All having a problem cannot see the videos .....have watched one that the person is planing a slot but cannot see any others are they restricted ? cheers Dave