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    Spirit stains

    Hi guys I’m new to using coloured stains on turnings. I stained the wide rim of a beech bowl yesterday using Chestnut spirit stain. It says on the tin that once the stain is dry (about 10 minutes after application) that it will accept other finishes. I put the stain on to sanded bare wood...
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    Help with Sorby texturing and spiralling tool.

    Hi Guys, My wife bought me the Sorby texturing and spiralling set for my birthday. I have used the large texturing wheels on on a few bowls with mixed results, some good, some bad. This weekend I decided to use the small texturing wheels on a narrow strip around a bowl. The instructions with the...
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    Bowl problem

    Hi Guys, I’ve part turned the base of a beech bowl, but have hit a snag. Quite a deep crack has appeared on the outside edge. (Photo attached) .I’ve soaked it in super glue, and rubbed a bit of sawdust in it, but it doesn’t look good. I could turn it way, I suppose, but i’m not sure how deep it...
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    Workshop cleaning.

    Can anyone recommend a cordless hand held vac for use in a workshop? I have a corded Henry vac that is very good for major clean ups, but a bit bulky and cumbersome for one off bits of cleaning, eg shifting sandings from lathe bed etc. I have looked at Amazon, Curry’s etc, but the reviews of...
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    Hi Guys, Has anyone any experience of the Simon Hope carbide universal hollower? Is it any good? Any other suggestions for a hollowing tool? D.
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    Decorative option?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone ever used permanent markers (eg. Sharpies) to decorate wood. Sharpies claim that their markers can be used on wood, but I wonder whether they would bleed, and just how permanent ‘permanent’ is. D.
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    Wire types

    Hi Guys, Can someone tell me what ‘tempered’ wire is? Thanks D.
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    Wood burning

    Hi Guys, I’ve used wire burning on the sides of bowls. Does anybody know how to do this on the rim or interior of a bowl? D
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    Polishing textured wood.

    Hi Guys, I have been getting to grips with my Sorby texturing kit, and have encountered a problem. I put a textured strip around a beech bowl (see photo). The problem relates to finishing the bowl. Anyone any tips for polishing the textured bit. I’ve applied my usual finish, Hampshire Sheen, but...
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    Use of resin in decoration

    Hi guys, I want to try my hand at using resin in decorating bowls. The thing I have in mind is creating a trench in a wide bowl rim, putting some decorative objects in it, and then covering them in clear resin. I’ve seen this done, but never tried it. The problem I have is that I don’t know what...
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    Used lathes

    How much could I expect to pay for a used Union Graduate lathe in good, usable condition? I would not like to have to do an extensive restoration project, and don’t have the skills to do that anyway. Are there any issues related to these lathes of which I need to be aware? D.
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    Steel rod/bar

    Hi guys I’m thinking of making some carbide tipped wood turning tools. Most commercial products are made using either square or round section bright steel bars/rods. I’ve been sourcing the steel and have a large company near where I live. I’m a bit reluctant to approach them, as I only need 2 or...
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    Contraction rules

    I have seen ‘contraction rules’ for sale on used tool sites. I imagine that they must have been used in metal work to measure/check changes in dimensions with fluctuations in temperature as the metal is worked. Can someone give me a simple explanation of how they were used.?
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    Patterns for pyrography

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a website that publishes free, downloadable, pyrography patterns suitable for decorating bowls? Martin Saben-Smith has a couple of YouTube videos using such patterns, but, try as I might, I can’t find a site where it’s easy to get them. D
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    Texturing kit

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any experience with the Sorby Sovereign texturing kit. I’ve looked at a few YouTube videos, and it looks great. The problem is that, like all these promotional videos, the guy doing the demo is an expert in the tool’s use. What i’d Like to know is ‘can it be used...
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    Faceplate use.

    Am I right in thinking that a faceplate should never be used to secure end grain spindles, I.e screwed into the end grain of the spindle blank and then mounted on the lathe? The reason I ask is that I came across a YouTube video made by someone called Roger Webb who was demonstrating how to turn...
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    Metal staining

    This might seem trivial, so don’t laugh, but it’s driving me mad. I have an Axminster 1628vs lathe, which is generally ok, but the handle on the headstock by which the spindle can be turned manually always leaves black staining on my hand when I use it. To avoid marking wood on the lathe, I am...
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    Martin Saban - Smith shop

    Hi Guys I don’t know how many of you are aware that Martin Saban-Smith and Les Thorne have established a web based store selling all manner of turning kit. It’s called ‘The Woodturning Shop’. It’s also offering tuition, demos, advice Martin, of course, has been producing and selling the...
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    Gorilla glue

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any tips for keeping and using the strong Gorilla glue. I have bought a number of the small squeeze bottles, and have always ended up chucking them away. I have found the glue solidifies in the bottle and/or glues the top on. I opened a new bottle yesterday, and the...
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    Mystery (to me) tool

    Does anybody know what a Febson patented test indicator was (is) used for.? D.