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  1. J

    New roof rafters

    Hello Folks I need to sister new common rafters along side existing ones and i am a little unsure on how to configure it. The new rafters are 47 x 150 and the existing are 50 x 100m. If i cut a birdsmouth to suit the plate i would be taken more than a third out the rafter which obviously is...
  2. J

    Roof strut

    I putting some temporary struts in to support a purlin while a gable comes down. I have been trying to find how to best cut this joint for maximum strength Do i cut the seat 2/3rds or half of the width?
  3. J

    Stanley 78

    I bought a Stanley kit 15 for my no 78 as i needed a rod What i have been sent has a wider diameter thread and will not fit Using my calipers the thickness of the thread part of the rod comes out at 6.24mm When i put my calipers in the threaded hole of the plane i get 5.27mm Can some tell...
  4. J

    Axminster discount

    Has anyone managed to haggle any discount with Axminster on the phone recently? Going to give it try tomorrow.
  5. J

    Skelton Saws

    Fantastic presentation and Q&A with Skelton saws Video As a person with big hands would love a custom saw
  6. J

    Guide rails for festool

    I want a rail to rip sheet material down in my workshop. Should i go for one single 2.7 length or 2no 1.4m lengths and join them together. The reason for asking is, i was given a 2.7m rail when i bought my festool track saw which warped when i left it lent up in my van overnight. If i buy...
  7. J

    Crooked stile field gate

    I am going to make a 3.6mtr wide Iroko crooked stile field gate like the one in the picture. Looking for a bit of advice regarding the stiles and the joints. The stiles will be 70mm thick Is the crooked part of the stile made wider by edge jointing at the widest point or is the stile...
  8. J

    Gang threaten plumber

    Just when you thought this country couldn't sink any further !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7000925/Moment-masked-gang-threaten-plumber-DRILL.html
  9. J

    Gate curved head rail tenon

    Hello folks Having trouble getting my head around this curved top rail tenon :? Not sure what width to make the tenon and haunch being as the curve cuts right into the tenon. The curved rail is not taking the hinge the rail below is. Any suggestion by those in the know would be greatly...
  10. J

    TGV garden gate

    I am making a iroko garden gate using frame ledge and brace construction, I am at the point of attaching the TGV . I am not sure whether to plug and screw or nail. Do different timbers require different methods. If i screw it, how many screws horizontally do I use per board 123 x 19mm...
  11. J

    19mm Iroko TGV

    I am making a Frame ledge & brace gate in Iroko. The frame is dry assembled and lying nice and flat on my bench. I am now at the point of planing 25mm x 2m lengths down to 19mm . I have surfaced them flat as much as the thickness allows but quite a few have still got a bow in them. My...
  12. J

    Garden gate

    Afternoon everyone I am in the process of drawing some plans for a gate I intend to make. Figured out most of it apart from the head joints and were the arched head meets the stiles. I am not sure what joints to use. I have spoken to a gate manufacture who has told me he "dowls the head to the...
  13. J


    Received this chisel yesterday and used it today. Far from impressed, It didn't hold it edge for more than 5mins. I thought I was buying a chisel that would fair better than my marples this is not the case. Read some were on the forum that the starting edge tends to be soft but gets tougher once...
  14. J

    Internal door linings

    I have to make a internal oak door linings, so I am looking for some opinions on getting the depth of the lining right. The wall my lining is going into, is brick with a cement and gyproc finish. I have measured the depth of the opening and it varies between 130 to 140mm . The depth is more...
  15. J

    oak veneered panels

    Hello folks Trying to source some 9mm TGV oak veneered panels if their is such a thing John
  16. J

    cupboard doors TGV

    I am contemplating making some cupboard doors using festool dominos for the frame construction and TGV for the panels. I want the TGV face to be flush with the front of the frame. I am going to run a groove for the tongues of the TGV just not sure what to do with the ends of the TGV do I sit...
  17. J

    Ripping timber

    When I buy my timber in a sawn state I always try to buy as close to the finished size as possible. Machining the timber I take an even amount off both sides . I do this because I have read it prevents defects. I visited a timber yard on Monday to buy some iroko and they only have the wider...
  18. J


    Does any have any experience of this timber and whether it would be suitable for field gates?
  19. J

    Field gates

    I am going to make some field gates for my driveway out of hardwood. So i am researching how they are constructed. The are obviously m&t but are they through or stub? I am guessing they are pegged. John
  20. J

    Mortice gauge marking and morticer bit

    While chopping my mortices out today I noticed that my mortice marks I had made with my gauge seemed to be wider than the actually bit I was using to chop them out. I think that it must be when I set my mortice gauge using the bit I push the bit to the back of the pins when maybe I should have...