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    Use of the Search Function,,,, or lack of

    I find when ever i have used the search function ....it seems to throw up hundreds of posibilities mostly a reply to the first Post and takes ages to wade through .....i know i have done it ....and still may be not got the answer i was looking for ...or maybe i did and couldnt see it Dave :O)
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    Cheap workbench

    I was shown the elbow height for an engineers vice ........bend elbow and that should be the top of vice ....i have used this method for constructing my bench ...i.e deduct dimension of vice that is where your bench top should be ....if you havent a vice your snookered :D (hammer) I have just...
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    A tale of three parts

    This one "A tale of three parts" or it could be "Four" :wink: Didn't know about the other ones :roll: :wink: Dave :O)
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    A tale of three parts

    I am enjoying this :D ......a nice read please keep us updated and thanks for sharing warts and all :wink: Dave:O)
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    The Russian Mathias Wandel ?

    great idea ...and thanks for finding
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    new w650 damaged

    Chris Any news ??
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    Slow eBay payers

    had the same problem as above post ...except my computer crashed ...the dreaded BLUE screen ......... had to use my neighbours pc in the end Dave :O)
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    Metal working lathe

    AAAAhhh my apprentice bliss in the 60s loved all these machines .....wish i had one now :( Dave:O)
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    New credit card

    cut it up .....there the Devils work :twisted: if lost :oops: you could be hit over and over again for £20 :shock: ...and it soon amounts up #-o Dave :O)
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    For those who enjoy magic

    Thats "Magic" =D>
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    new w650 damaged

    thanks for updates ...watching this one closely :shock: hope it all works out Dave
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    Banter with the neighbours

    Bacardi and Coke .....was so lethal ........that 45 years later i cant even stand the smell of it ...lol me and my mate used to buy a bottle of bacardi for 18 shillings (90p) and just top up with coke/pepsi and then drive home ;O(.... in a mini glad things have changed ;O) we were earning...
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    I thought this was funny

    COOOL find lol
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    very very good =D> :D =D>
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    New design tissue box number 1 needs help please

    i am confused ....but i usually am :O) Dave
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    What am I doing wrong.

    I can see the cat in the picture ......out of the scroll book maybe :D :D i am going to try that one next when i get a bit more proffecient :lol: Dave :O)
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    this is my 1st

    all very very good :D I got something to aim at :shock: wow
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    What wax for my scroll saw

    Hi Jay i am also new to this ....so your question is one i was about to ask lol where are you in Gloucester, I am in Brockworth Dave :O)
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    chinese sex

    vellyy good lol