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  1. artie

    Cheapo Nail gun

    IMO that's not a nail gun more a stapler or brad nailer. I have one I got from lidl that does what it does very well but it's not a nail gun.
  2. artie

    Wood filler. Hot cold, whatever works

    As well as prices going through the roof quality of wood appears to be heading south at a similar pace, I used to remove splits and knots and burn them in the stove, to recover some value. But it's getting so bad I'm going to have to fill the imperfections or double my prices, which have already...
  3. artie

    Quick Poll

    Very much depends on the quality of plywood you select. For your purpose, osb is way better than the cheapest plywood, but vastly inferior to the best plywood. Before the recent price crazyness £ for £ osb was better value I expect it will remain so although in this neck of the woods the price...
  4. artie


    Swmbo looked over my shoulder the other day when I was viewing the pencil thread. IIRC there was a amazon link to a packet of pencils for £23. When she returned from the shops yesterday she brought these, picked up in the pound shop, for guess how much. I estimate the lead to be 0.6mm, not...
  5. artie


    It's been a few years and it wasn't commercial premises but Aviva paid for my gear and for other stuff belonging to another party stored at my place.
  6. artie

    Lidl DIY tools 6th June

    Hopefully you will dedicate a thread to what happens.
  7. artie

    Circular Saw or Table Saw?

    How many strips do you intend to cut? Might be easier to pay someone to cut them for you. Bit spendy, buying a table saw to make a trellis or two. Might even be more expensive in blood and skin to attempt it with a circular saw if inexperienced.
  8. artie

    Do I need to return this Makita SP6000 plunge saw?

    When I clicked your video, it downloaded to my hdd. then when I tried to play it, it says I need to download a codec price 79p. Never had that happen before.
  9. artie

    Lidl DIY tools 6th June

    I've had one of those track saws for years. Twas £49.99 when I got it, I use it, daily or every other day. One of the best value for money items I ever purchased.
  10. artie

    Vauxhall Astra van

    I always figure a trailer is more versatile and lower running costs. Assuming of course that you already have a vehicle.
  11. artie

    How to level a (Slighty) wonky shed base

    Ignore it, 30mm over 4m that's precision for a garden shed.
  12. artie

    can anyone explain in plain laymen language new You Tube agreement terms

    Just agree and carry on. Who has the time or inclination to read online agreements.
  13. artie

    Decent brand of general purpose/wood screws

    R2 do the job , but as I said don't start that quick. For the price, they will do.
  14. artie

    Decent brand of general purpose/wood screws

    Yes. R2 CSK PZD INDUSTRY SCREWS 4.0X60 I bought some today. £21.20 + per thousand. how does that sound.
  15. artie

    Lets talk lawn mowers.

    I know it's purely conjecture, but I wonder how many BMC Beetles would have been sold.
  16. artie

    Lets talk about Jeans

    Now there's an interesting thing. Amazon won't send them to N Ireland, but would send them to my son in Scotland.
  17. artie

    Lets talk about Jeans

    Don Williams sang. I got my first guitar when I was 14 Now I'm crowding 30 and still wearing jeans Well I'm way way past that and still wearing Jeans. Levi 501s have been my work and casual wear for about as long as I remember. BUT like so many things they are not what they used to be. I...
  18. artie

    Am I the only person depressed by the number of comments with gender or racial stereotypes in them?

    Who or what would you suggest is competent to control it? Natural recourses are being squandered at an alarming rate, Is it necessary to travel to a job where "one" works 8 or 10 or more hours per day to create gadgets which will end up in land fill in a very short time to earn a little money...
  19. artie

    No words

    If you know what it is there's no need to open it. :):):):)
  20. artie

    Am I the only person depressed by the number of comments with gender or racial stereotypes in them?

    Do you think we are over populated or just managing resources badly?