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  1. Alexam

    Sold SOLD - Record PT260

    .................. to a member today. -This Planner Thicknesser was bought new 6 years ago but I should have bought a smaller benchtop model as I dont believe I have used it more than 10-12 times and not at all last year as much of the timber I buy is PAR and I only work on smaller items. It...
  2. Alexam

    Bandsaw - Carter Stabilizer

    May I please ask if anyone with a Record BS 350S bandsaw has ordered a Carter Stabilizer for their machine, if so, what is the model number? Someone has been asking me for information about the one I have for my BS400 and I do not know if it is the same model stabilizer, so it would help to...
  3. Alexam

    Purple Heart wanted

    Went up to Sykes today looking for purple heart timber, but no joy. Anyone know where I can get some fairly local to me B47 5QZ, or has some they don't need and can sell to me. Don't need a lot, just enough for a few boxes. Cheers
  4. Alexam

    More Boxes

    Keeping busy with more boxes. On e for valentines and another 'tower' to be ready soon.
  5. Alexam

    3M 7500 MASK PROBLEM

    Just started using the mask and it's good, but tried this morning to remove the triangle type (gas) filters. One was tough but OK but the other I cannot budge. Is there a knack to removal other than simply twisting? I felt that if I turned any harder, something would break. I wanted to change...
  6. Alexam

    Tree Cutting

    Just a thought, I have several nice looking lengths of a Yew Tree that have been drying for over a couple of years and wondered about cutting them up. Would there be a problem with the 'slices' that instead of cutting across and then lengths, the sections were cut diagonally? Don't know if...
  7. Alexam

    DUST MASKS - again

    Updating my dust mask as I am getting some leakage somewhere as my sinuses are playing up every time I do some woodwork. I do have a sensative hooter and although I have previously been satisfied with the AirAce 2000, I'm looking for something with greater filtration. Thoughts are now on the 3M...
  8. Alexam

    Table surfacing

    Just been quoted £350 for re-surfacing an antique coffee table 5 feet long by 1.5 feet. Very hard bar-top type gloss finish. Quoted that material only in 5 Ltr cans at £250 a can. What could that be? Is it a realistic quote for top quality work?
  9. Alexam

    Wood Burning - Lichtenberg transformer - Cancel This!

    I would like to try this method of wood marking and wonder if anyone can lend me or sell me a 'neon' burner. I say specifically neon, as against microwave, as the higher power in microwaves is far more dangerous. Alternatively, can anyone offer advice on using the neon transformer, possibly...
  10. Alexam

    Leveling resin coated timber

    I have some featured timber that has been resin coated, but I need to level this off now, as it has not turned out as good as I had hoped. Can I use my planer thicknesser without damaging the blades or is it best not to?
  11. Alexam

    Garage Alarm Updating

    I have tried looking through the old, very old, security questions and answers but can't find what I am looking for. My workshop is the end of a double garage detached from the house by about 30' and it has an 30 year old wired alarm with contacts on both up and over doors, the rear door and...
  12. Alexam

    Snowy Morning

    Just looked out and saw this Malcolm
  13. Alexam

    Last this year

    Just finished these six bandsaw boxes off today. The tall one is called 'The Penny Tower' as the five drawers have five old pennies (1d) as handles. There is also a hidden drawer which has a silver sixpence as the drawer handle. Thought it would be a bit different, but perhaps it's been used...
  14. Alexam

    Router Trim Table Insert Question

    With a table top of 7/8" thick having formic top surfaceand plywood below, could the opening for the router plate just be cut with a router straight through the table with a template of timber just stuck down with double sided tape. Or is this a 'dodgy' way to go about it? I have seen videos...
  15. Alexam


    Having problems at just recently with my power screwdrive not driving the screw all the waty before the chuck gives up. Not sure if it's the screwdriver bit (which I suspect) or the power unit not offering enough power before slipping the clutch. I have tried different positions and bits, but...
  16. Alexam

    Electrical Question?

    With a router table, sanding machine and scrollsaw all in the same location within reaching distance of a plug socket. The safety of an NVR switch is well known, but is it possible to use one NVR plug connected to the mains socket and then to an extension lead with 3/4 outlets to the three...
  17. Alexam

    Router Dust Collection

    I saw this video recently and wondered if anyone here has made one of these for their router table? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIzyEHZz3z0&t=195s Malcolm
  18. Alexam

    Seeking an additional hole

    I saw a video some time ago, showing a router table that had an additional hole in the top just past the cutter. About 6" or so, to act as an additional dust extractor in addition to the one over the cutter. As usual, I cannot find it again and wondered if anyone had information about the best...
  19. Alexam


    Had a few quiet months when things other than bandsaw box making kept cropping up, as well as holidays. So thought it was about time to start again. I took a shot of these latest ones today, which have still to be finished off and handles fitted, but it shows I am 'still at it'. I was going...
  20. Alexam

    Resin and Colouring

    I am about to try some deep resin filling, but would like to add a colour that 'streaks. Rather than completly mix the added colour, would the streaking effect be possible by just adding a few drops and simply swirling it in to leave a streak effect, or would that not work? Never used resin...