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  1. ProShop

    Wanted Sorted now thanks to all ....Single Phase Bandsaw

    Sorry, I misposted mines not a Bastato 4 it's the next model up, it's a Basato 5-4, (the 4 denotes it's a 4 speed). hope this helps.
  2. ProShop

    Wanted Sorted now thanks to all ....Single Phase Bandsaw

    I have a Scheppach Basato 4, single phase for sale if your still interested, i'm in North Lincs.
  3. ProShop

    Advice on Sash window tooling

    The Trend system information sheet gives all the various dimensions you need, or it used too. I use this information to build my own spreadsheet which automatically gives me all the timber cutting dimensions I need once I have entered the actual window size I require. But don't forget you need...
  4. ProShop

    spiral ducting for new extraction advice needed

    Always reduce as close to the machine as you can get, NOT at the extractor. Are you planning on using the alloy gates supplied by spiralux, I ask because the ones I got leaked a bit of air. I returned mine back for a refund & made my own.
  5. ProShop

    Job interview at Ikea

    =D> =D>
  6. ProShop

    Spindle moulder profile cutter blocks

    Euro blocks are useful for small mouldings usually 40mm depth & access you to the ready made cutters that are out there. Serrated blocks are bigger usually starting at 125mm dia and varying depths and used for much bigger mouldings, the cutters are much thicker to allow for this. A lot depends...
  7. ProShop

    Felder Panel Saw K700s "curved" cuts problem???

    FWIW check to see if the blade is doing a back cut, if it is the trunnion is out of alignment. I had this with my Felder.
  8. ProShop

    3 phase converters

    FWIW, static converters are not very energy efficient as the other two types I mentioned previously and you'll lose about 30% of the motor power, some of the earlier & bigger designs ones can also interfere with radio & tv transmissions (any neighbours close by ?). Can you afford the performance...
  9. ProShop

    Sedgwick sm4ii spindle moulder 240v

    Jacob, have you realised you need to nearly rewire the machine for 3 phase wiring & switching ?? and does the motor have the same footprint and spindle size etc etc.
  10. ProShop

    3 phase converters

    Your right about not switching to single phase, it's not just the electrics, 4Kw single phase is not the same as 4Kw 3 phase. 3 phase has a lot more torque, so to switch to an equivalent single phase you'd need over 6Kw which as you've propably already sussed there is no such motor that size in...
  11. ProShop

    buying spindle moulder

    IMHO, forward tilting spindles are next to useless if you plan on using a powerfeeder & you have to be very careful when using them. And they are not as versatile as rear tilting Personally I'd look for a rear tilting version, much safer to use. As Jacob says get one with a decent sized motor...
  12. ProShop

    Ideas for fixing oak veneer to a staircase

    That's why I cut my own veneers and use Styrene adhesive it solves all those problems :D
  13. ProShop

    Ideas for fixing oak veneer to a staircase

    I did a staircase a year ago and cut my own veneers 3mm. And used a styrene adhesive, worked really well. i used blocks of wood & wedges & various sized F clamps to hold the veneers in place, the glue sets quite quickly. Top tip don't get any on your hands............................. :lol:
  14. ProShop

    Planer accident

    Does his machine have an anti kickback device ??.
  15. ProShop

    Spiral ducting fittings - rubber sealed fittings

    I've sent you a pm with a link.
  16. ProShop

    Spiral ducting fittings - rubber sealed fittings

    I haven't used the rubber seal version so can't comment on them, but I have the spiral ducting and made my own blast gates from wood and found fitting them a doddle ( there should be some pics on here somewhere). I used the saddles for the Y bends as well. Been up & running for about 5yrs now.
  17. ProShop

    For you 'arty' types.

    Excellent find Robbo, thanks for sharing =D>
  18. ProShop

    Scheppach Basato 4 Bandsaw

    I've had the Basato 4 for over 4yrs now and it's a good bandsaw. I've had 1" blades on and used it for resawing 10" X 10" Oak into veneers and similar work. It has a very good sized table for resting large timbers on. Also cuts circles very accurately with very narrow blades on. Have a look...
  19. ProShop

    Tulipwood, beech, or "summat else" for a face frame kitchen?

    Beech for me, Tulip is too soft imho, can't take the knocks