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  1. Timthetangent

    What Table Saw to buy

    How is it for dust extraction? I'm told even the best table saws are notorious for spitting at least some dust out, but that's my biggest issue at the moment with the one I have (when it's working - long story - shared elsewhere on here).
  2. Timthetangent

    Random- how many sockets?

    4 x doubles and a gang of four on the ceiling. Workshop 18 feet by 9 and inherited from the previous owner (moved in last November). Using just the table saw, one Sonos speaker and an oil-filled radiator just before Christmas, it appeared to trip. On inspecting the consumer unit, neither MCB's...
  3. Timthetangent

    Fancy Bird Table

    Please do when you get the time. I made three a couple of years ago - one for myself and another for two other family members. Everything except the base was made from offcuts and scraps of wood found around the workshop and the occasional skip. (I do always ask when rifling through skips and...
  4. Timthetangent

    Clarke CTS10D 10" table saw blade spanners.

    I seem to have hijacked my own thread here to one of aches, pains and medical history! My right knee too has a bit of arthritis and it hasn't been the same since I came off my bicycle on the ice about 12 years ago and broke my patella. To get back on thread (almost) the knee so far hasn't...
  5. Timthetangent

    Clarke CTS10D 10" table saw blade spanners.

    The update is that I stumbled at the "remove single bolt to release the blade guard". Single bolt elusive. The handbook has the complete parts map and no bolts listed. Attempted to remove one screw (as close to a bolt as I could find) and immediately regretted it. It's sprung so getting it...
  6. Timthetangent

    Another Joke

    It looks rather washed up to me.
  7. Timthetangent

    Floor colour

    Well dad passed 34 years ago Phillemere and the floor got a coat of all white after that. It could probably do with another coat, but the house is now being sold as mum has gone into a care home and it's in a poor state of repair now (long story, but half finished refurbishment by builders who...
  8. Timthetangent

    Floor colour

    My father painted his garage workshop floor for many of the above reasons, but also because it's much easier to sweep a painted surface than a raw concrete one. The dust from the latter is awful. Dad was a notorious miser though, so any old leftover paint would do for him, resulting in a...
  9. Timthetangent

    The Impossible question.

    Spoilt for choice I reckon, but you're right in regard to some brilliant words being put to mediocre music and vice versa. Cohen has already been mentioned, but the opening lines of "One of us cannot be wrong" always made me smile. "I lit a thin green candle, to make you jealous of me. But the...
  10. Timthetangent

    Picture Frame

    Wow. I've never worked with veneers before. Either pre-bought mouldings when I first started, but since then solid wood with a story. Picture frames is pretty much all I do though. I frame my own work, usually the image having a connection to the wood.
  11. Timthetangent

    Clarke CTS10D 10" table saw blade spanners.

    Thanks yes. I've been on the computer for too many consecutive days so went for a long walk today to clear out the cobwebs. Back to the saw tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'll get by with what I've got. I bought a set of brushes too to check and sort if necessary whilst I'm opening it all up...
  12. Timthetangent

    Aquarium Stand

    Yes but that pain is an integral part of the joy that something has a new functional and beautiful life. I will always pick reclaimed wood with a story, but that's because it's integral to what I try and do if time and supplies permit. I come in peace by the way. Not always easy to see when on...
  13. Timthetangent

    Clarke CTS10D 10" table saw blade spanners.

    Thanks Graham. I did exactly that on my chop saw last week. The device that locks the rotation of the motor for blade removal is defective. It was very finicky and caused a torrent of expletives and a grazed thumb, but proved worth the effort.
  14. Timthetangent

    Clarke CTS10D 10" table saw blade spanners.

    Thank you Rorton. Yes that was my first thought (that the thickness of spanners might be an issue). I do have a reasonable set of tools including ring and socket sets and I have just had new brushes and the blade delivered, so will set about it this afternoon.
  15. Timthetangent

    Clarke CTS10D 10" table saw blade spanners.

    I bought this very basic model a few years ago. It got used fairly infrequently, but the blade is now too blunt so I went to replace and now realise that the saw didn't come with the two spanners required for this operation. There's a 5 month backlog/waiting list from Clarke's and their spares...
  16. Timthetangent

    Moisture meter advice

    Every day a school day on here. Thank you everyone. I've just relocated and had run all my wood stock (no - not the festival) down. I just picked up some oak planks to replenish and these have been kiln-dried. I have access to a Lignomat from another nearby woodworker (95% of my work is picture...