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  1. Distinterior

    Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler.

    I bought the above yesterday as I'm in the middle of decorating the bedroom at home. The tin states 550g on the side....Is this the weight of the contents or the total weight of the tin + the contents...? The reason for asking is, upon opening the tin, it's less than half full....!!!👎
  2. Distinterior

    Mushroom/ Fungi

    A bit of a long shot here Gents but maybe someone may be able to tell me what I have found growing in my planter in the garden. I built the planter about 10 years ago over the spot where a large evergreen fir tree stood. The tree was really big and it dominated the garden, so I cut it down...
  3. Distinterior

    Record Power RSDE2 Dust/Chip Extractor & Titan Router.

    Record Power RSDE2 Dust/Chip extractor. About 2 years old but has never been used! Comes with all the original attachments including the 100mm dia heavy duty pipe (not shown in pictures). Price = £185. SOLD. Titan Router TTB591ROU. Also about 2 years old, never been used and still in it's...
  4. Distinterior

    Difference in wood colour..?

    I finished a kitchen for a Client recently and they have asked me if I can make them a small kitchen table to go in the room. I showed them a small section of what I believe to be Ash (small piece in my picture) that was felled locally. The Client liked the pale colour and it will fit in well...
  5. Distinterior

    Wax Finishes.

    What's the difference between "Clear Paste Wood Wax" and "Microcrystalline Restoration Wax"....? The information on the 2 tins doesn't really explain the advantages of using one or the other. I've got a project that is ready for finishing and I'm torn as to which one to use..... I got one of...
  6. Distinterior

    Wood Identification Help...?

    A friend of mine has given me a couple of recently felled lumps of wood. They are still quite Green but spalting has started so I dont know how long ago they were cut. I've cut a lump off one of the logs and taken a couple of pictures. Moisture content is still at 25 to 30%. The wood is very...
  7. Distinterior

    Curved Skirting Board,

    I'm on a job at the moment where I need to make a length of curved skirting board. The radius of the curve is about 1200mm and its finished length will be about 1400mm. I have removed quite a few lengths of original timber from the kitchen as there was a walk in pantry originally and the house...
  8. Distinterior

    Planer Thicknesser Knives.

    Is the angle on P/T knives generally the same no matter the manufacturer...? I replaced my Hammer A3 31 disposable knives yesterday in preparation for the finished dimensions of some Bog Oak and it crossed my mind about the angle of the cutting edge and whether they were all the same or a very...
  9. Distinterior

    What finish on a Spalted Beech box?

    I am in the middle of making a Spalted Beech box as a thank you present for a mate of mine. I would like to keep as much of a natural look to the finish on the box as possible. I don't want a high gloss finish, but I do want it durable. What would you guys suggest...? Here are a few pictures...
  10. Distinterior

    Startrite TA145.

    A friend of mine found a Startrite TA145 240v Saw (late 1960's would be my guess) in an old workshop/barn recently whilst doing a job there. It had been unused for at least 11 years (since the lady's husband had passed away). She was looking to try and clear out as much of the stuff as possible...
  11. Distinterior

    Bed Assembly Hardware.

    I have promised SWMBO that I would build a new bed for our guest bedroom, as we are in the process of redecorating the complete room. I would like to use this type of fixing to hold the frame of the bed together as it gives me the option of taking the bed apart and when assembled there are no...
  12. Distinterior

    Dado blade for Elu 1251 RAS

    Evening Gents! I just got hold of an Elu 1251 RAS for a very reasonable price and after a good clean up and replacement MDF top, it looks to be in superb condition, considering it is dated 1993. I had to put a new switch on it but this seems to have been a common problem with these saws. My...