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  1. Sandyn

    ebay/PayPal holding account. any Scams?

    Are there any scams which use the eBay/PayPal holding accounts to secure an item before viewing?
  2. Sandyn

    Meddings Drill.

    If anyone is interested, Just came across this. Price is a bit steep, but it it's in good condition, gears and quill and single phase, it would last for years.
  3. Sandyn

    MetalCraft Spring Sale

    MetalCraft are having their spring sale. A couple of years ago, I got the XL Workshop. A brilliant bit of kit. I use it all the time. Does costs a lot, but a good investment if you are into metalwork. They sell all the component parts, so you can just chose the parts you need. The complete...
  4. Sandyn

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of this old saw?

    I am trying to identify the make of this old saw. Does anyone know?
  5. Sandyn

    It had to happen!

    I knew that sooner or later I would break one of my LED strips, so was really interested to have a look inside. Pretty basic design, about 100 LED's in series. I couldn't find the end with the driver . Dropped in the garage somewhere. I managed to remove the strip from the tube. A few...
  6. Sandyn

    Trailer wheels/tyres

    I know there are a few trailer users on here, so a bit of advice needed. Last year, I got a second hand trailer. It was a good price. It was a 2004 trailer, but supposed to be 'like new'. I had to travel about 60 miles to view it, but prepared to walk away if it wasn't a good one. On viewing, I...
  7. Sandyn

    private charge notice

    I got one of these recently, but wasn't driving the car. I am the keeper. I genuinely don't know who was driving. I know the circumstances, it was a genuine misunderstanding of where a permit was valid for, but the appeal on that basis was rejected. After doing a lot of research, reading lots...
  8. Sandyn

    Strange dreams

    last year I started hearing about people having vivid dreams and nightmares in lockdown. In the last couple of weeks. I have been having really vivid dreams, some really weird ones and some scary ones, but last night was really crazy! I was having a bit of a scary dream. I was at a place where...
  9. Sandyn

    The Impossible question.

    So......... who do you think, any artist, any time, who wrote the best lyrics? I love listening to music, but for me it's almost impossible to give one answer, because there are different lyrics for different moods and the best lyrics may not be in a song which is one of my favourites, There are...
  10. Sandyn

    First hint of Spring

    It's been a pretty long miserable winter here in Scotland. It's been raining for months, dreich miserable weather. I hate the damp cold weather here. It goes straight through you. I cycle a lot, so weather is important, and I really am aware of it. The last week we have had a foot of snow, -7C...
  11. Sandyn

    Astronomy Binoculars or small Telescope

    Calling on all you woodworking astronomers!! My daughter (in her 30's) is quite interested in the night sky. She lives out in the country away from direct light pollution, so pretty good for sky gazing. We were planning to get her a birthday present to help her look at stars. Budget about £200...
  12. Sandyn

    I don't think they would believe it nowadays?

    I was just thinking of some of the things from when I was younger that people would have difficulty believing today, but it's not really all that long ago. First one was when some people from the military came to school and told us what to do in the event of a nuclear bomb being dropped. The...
  13. Sandyn

    Cracks in planer blades

    I have an old Bursgreen planer. I got three sets of blades with it, but not very sharp. They are probably fairly old. I was sharpening one set when I noticed tiny cracks on the cutting face. Has anyone else seen this before? One of the blades is a Wadkin HSS, so OK quality. The first picture...
  14. Sandyn

    Advanced Socket Tester

    I use one of these for quick checks on sockets. It's my sanity tester. It shows you in the manual what it doesn't do. It's a great wee tester.
  15. Sandyn

    Unexpected winter visitor

    Wife was sitting watching the TV, always has the patio blinds open to see what wild life is about at night. We have lots of regulars. The usual fox appeared, had its chicken bones and left, then one of this years late litter hedgehogs appeared and started eating some bits of chicken the fox...
  16. Sandyn

    Interesting Christmas gift

    My wife got an interesting present, A candle lighter, I have never seen this type before, so was fascinated by the thing. Unboxed it, switched it on and got this beautiful little plasma across the electrodes, I could smell the ozone, which reminded me of the old air cleaner I used to have years...
  17. Sandyn

    Disk Storage

    I have a large number of files on my system, gathered over the few years. Some are archive quality scanned images, many are 100+MB image size, Gigabit panoramics and TB of digitised video. I also keep all my RAW files. I use Acronis True Image to create backups. I now have 40+Tb of disk storage...
  18. Sandyn

    Winter Solstice

    As I write this, we are passing through the winter solstice, 10:02 21st Dec and heading back to spring. My favourite moment of the year!! I'm not surprised stone age people built elaborate processors to find the solstice, then had a great p**s up!! and threw a few sacrifices on to the bonfire...
  19. Sandyn

    Connected fire and smoke alarms. Scotland

    For the few in Scotland. It will probably be delayed until Feb 2022 (was due Feb 2021), but it will be a legal requirement to have connected fire and smoke alarms in Scottish homes. I think it's a really good idea to have them, I put them in a few years ago, so my house already meets the...
  20. Sandyn

    An 'interesting' advert

    I was shopping for a new battery charger and came across this advert. It's genuine from Banggood, not a spoof. As Victor would say "I don't believe it!!!"