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  1. Alexam

    Money's no object

    Can you obtain a photograph of the door that was built and post it here?
  2. Alexam

    Sold SOLD - Record PT260

    OK, made a note but it may be a while yet as the proposed buyer (Andy) cannot call to see it until the Lockdown will allow.
  3. Alexam

    Sold SOLD - Record PT260

    SOLD Provisionally sold to a member today.
  4. Alexam

    Sold SOLD - Record PT260

    Hi Andy, It would fit with the legs taken off. When new, it came in a box and had to be put together, so that could work. Lockdown still being a problem at present although hopefully it may soon ease. Call for a chat if you wish - you have.
  5. Alexam

    Sold SOLD - Record PT260

    Hi Steve. Obviously transport needed and the Instruction Manual states the weight to be 85Kg plus you would need to add the packing and a Pallet (weight?), but transporters should know roughly what that is. Then picked up and delivered. If you want to find out the cost for someone to collect...
  6. Alexam

    Sold SOLD - Record PT260

    Sorry for not including a photo. Here it is and still looking as good.
  7. Alexam

    Sold SOLD - Record PT260

    .................. to a member today. -This Planner Thicknesser was bought new 6 years ago but I should have bought a smaller benchtop model as I dont believe I have used it more than 10-12 times and not at all last year as much of the timber I buy is PAR and I only work on smaller items. It...
  8. Alexam

    Bandsaw Blades

    Tuffsaw blades have been very good for me for the last 5 years and only had a couple break that was my fault when I wrongly set the tension too high. To have 5 break suggests that you have not tuned the bandsaw correctly. However, when a break is at the weld, Tuffsaw have repaired it for free...
  9. Alexam

    Buying a bandsaw

    As I expect you may well want a larger size that you start out with and if that were the case, if you buy a new machine, you would be reluctant to change. Possibly try a second hand bandsaw to start with, learn the basics and get used to working with it, then it;s easier to move up. There are...
  10. Alexam

    Boxes galore

    Excellent work. Well done.
  11. Alexam

    Triton routers for under a table - Quick TRA query

    Did the same and it was no problem at all. It folds down flat against the worktop when not in use and made good use of an old formica topped kitchen table.
  12. Alexam

    Band saw cutting issues

    All to do with the way the bandsaw is set up and many owners do not go into enough detail on this. I hope the following may help GET THE BEST TUNING FROM A BANDSAW 'Alex Snodgrass of Carter Industries has an excellent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGbZqWac0jU on a tune up method that...
  13. Alexam

    Routing for beginners (and routing tables)

    Depends what you want to use the Router for. I only use mine occasionally, so made my table using an old formica top kitchen table. Took the legs off, hinged the side to hang under the top om my wall bench and fitted a couple of swing down legs to support when in use. For the fence, I built this...
  14. Alexam

    Clamps etc

    As long as they secure the fence either side, any make will do
  15. Alexam

    Replace table saw with bandsaw and track saw.

    A excellent video and great job on the boxes. I have not made a roll top box myself, but you certainly have it well planned out and make it easier for others to follow. Well done. Malcolm Badger Woodcrafters
  16. Alexam

    Advice on which youtuber might review my new products

    Unfortunately we do not all get what we deserve and although your products are excellent, I doubt that you will make enough money to have a good living from all you have here. My main comment can perhaps be bet linked to the box making. I have made bandsaw boxes for the last 5 years and...
  17. Alexam

    Band saw Table Adjustment

    Adjust the bolts that hold the table down. Not sure about this machine, but many others do allow a small amount of adjustment. A fiddly job but worth dong and checking from time to time to get a perfect 90 degrees front to back and side to side.
  18. Alexam

    Router buying advice

    Using a table without a means of raising the head from above is a pain. As mentioned, the Triton TRA001 is really good and as a 1/2", you can use a 1/4" collett when using smallr bits. The 1/2" bits will give greater strength if you need it. I mounted the TRA 001 under my own home made, hinged...
  19. Alexam

    Bandsaw advice - anyone got an Axminster AT2552B?

    The Record may be a better buy. I have has a BS400 for several years and no problems at all.
  20. Alexam

    bandsaw help

    I have the BS400 and the tyres fit the wheel. However, it should not make too much difference as the blades are usually running in the middle of the wheel. Why did you only change one tyre, as it is usual to change both to match. If the other tyre is full width, make a call to Record and just...