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  1. maltrout512


    I took this photo a couple of years ago, in Petworth Park. https://www.flickr.com/photos/67226180@N05/shares/s9ezQ0
  2. maltrout512

    Whodunnit? Answers added.

    NO I haven't. But I'am going to watch it dry.
  3. maltrout512

    old saws

    Trust you to be closer :lol: :lol: Photographs would help.
  4. maltrout512

    Remarkable Man and Story

    Great story. Not only that but The Merc G wagon was the first and only true 4*4. Why because it has a locked centre diff when in 4 wheel mode.
  5. maltrout512

    Another blonde joke from oz.

    DW you are naughty to blonds. But nice :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. maltrout512

    Tonight - Ch4 - One man's Spitfire renovation

    Very good. The two daughters were well impressed and sad all in one. Pilot quoted that it's the best that has been re built. Great to see. Just one I noticed in watching what a perfect text book landing. :D One question I have is, why was Guy firing an 20mm canon at a car. The mark one's had...
  7. maltrout512

    My first upload to youtube

    David thanks for posting and your comments. First time I used video on my camera having had it for near on a year and a half. I had the camera on a pro tripod but near to the end of the footage the aircraft seem to shake..... well that was down to the chill/thrill that was going through me...
  8. maltrout512

    My first upload to youtube

    As the title says. I took this of the two Lancaster bombers flying over Dunsfold. The camera shake near the end was me. Sorry about that.(it was on a tripod as well.) All comments good or bad welcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULpvplPDo1g&feature=youtu.be
  9. maltrout512

    Carved Wallet

    Very nice indeed. If you want some money here,s a link :wink: http://twistedsifter.com/2014/01/randall-rosenthal-carves-wood-block-into-box-of-money/
  10. maltrout512

    Ancient Chinese proverbs?

    Carpenter not always go to bed with tool in box.......
  11. maltrout512

    Pontoon posts?

    Thanks..Hope it gives you some idea.
  12. maltrout512

    Booking doctors appointment!!

    Rang to make an appointment to see my doctor today..(Dr A). Sorry he's fully booked until tomorrow afternoon... But you can see the duty doctor at twelve noon, I said ok......... You're booked for twelve and will see Dr A. :roll: That's the doctor I wanted to see anyway :!:
  13. maltrout512

    Pontoon posts?

    If I can remember the size about 200 mm square and green oak. I drove them in about 300 mm after putting a point on them. The post to the right is the inside corner of the L shape. I quite enjoyed this job, never worked in water before. :D And the finished article This was all done...
  14. maltrout512

    Kiln Dried Beech Cracked Throughout Once Indoors

    Simon have a look at http://www.richardjonesfurniture.com/Articles/articles.html Richard is a member here and is always very helpful.
  15. maltrout512

    How do you fold up bandsaw blades

    Having a little trouble with this one :roll:
  16. maltrout512


    I thought that was a road that ran trough Barnsley. No!
  17. maltrout512

    Up or Down?

    Have not read all posts, what age is the house would help, then I will be able to make my statement to your question which once I know will help.
  18. maltrout512

    Check you change peeps 50p could be worth £20

    Just had a look at the first 200 coins listed....29 listed, two uncirculated at £132 and £114, 23, 7 bids. The rest start at £14 and go up to buy now at £89.99 (this seller had 7 only one left. Bloody hell. The most bidders on one of them is 25 bids so far.Somebody is making a mint.
  19. maltrout512

    Blue Tornado Router bits

    I bought four or so years back a tornado vertical panel cutter, a set of stile and rail cutters, 20 + doors later (in oak) and they have had use in between and they still have a very good edge. So my personal opinion is that I think they are very good cutters at a good price.