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  1. maltrout512

    My first upload to youtube

    As the title says. I took this of the two Lancaster bombers flying over Dunsfold. The camera shake near the end was me. Sorry about that.(it was on a tripod as well.) All comments good or bad welcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULpvplPDo1g&feature=youtu.be
  2. maltrout512

    Booking doctors appointment!!

    Rang to make an appointment to see my doctor today..(Dr A). Sorry he's fully booked until tomorrow afternoon... But you can see the duty doctor at twelve noon, I said ok......... You're booked for twelve and will see Dr A. :roll: That's the doctor I wanted to see anyway :!:
  3. maltrout512

    Help with browser problem

    I have installed firefox, and when i open a topic say on this site some words are in blue and double underlined. Now when I hover over that word a box pops up with a load of rubbish in it. Now I didn't have this with i chrome and I can't find any setting to stop this .....ing happenening. Any...
  4. maltrout512

    PC help required

    I have had an acer one running windows starter 7 for sometime now about a year. All was fine until I switched on a couple of days ago, connect to internet via a dongle and chrome had been replaced by explorer and the search provider was snapdo.!!! Well I went to the site to download chrome and...
  5. maltrout512

    I want rustic.

    Customer brought this bathroom unit in to me yesterday. :-k I want it to look rustic :roll: know what I mean. Er no. Anyway here goes....... One unit So over to my extensive stock of er............. firewood :D and select some high grade oak. Shall start on the unit this afternoon.
  6. maltrout512

    Event 3rd party insurance.

    Some time ago there was a posting here of a family run insurance which were very good. Now my problem is I can't find the post, or does anyone know of the company.. Many Thanks Malcolm
  7. maltrout512

    Advice needed

    Just wondering if any one else has had experience of these. I am sure that I had the set but I have looked high and low in the workshop and can't find them anywhere. :? http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/175258.htm
  8. maltrout512

    scroll bar not working

    Don't know if some one could help in a direction to go, if possible. On my laptop the scroll up and down on the mouse pad has stopped working. I've looked in the usual places (control panel) with no clue as to why/adjust/disable/able with no result. Running vita as the opp system and laptop id...
  9. maltrout512

    Small job Big turn

    Don't have all the photos with me but I have two of these to make. Church candle holders at 1.45 m high. Here is the base and then the column I will post the rest the top, when back to main laptop mid week
  10. maltrout512

    Here's some work not finished yet

    Downloaded some scroll patterns which are quite good. I posted a short cut here a few weeks back. Anyway here is the start, pattern laid out and stated cutting and cutting. There is a bit of sanding to tidy up before it's traditionally stained to match and french polish. Anyway I made...
  11. maltrout512

    PC Help

    Had a problem with laptop this morning. I need to go back two or three days (settings) and I can't remember what keys allow you to do that. If it makes sense. Many Thanks.
  12. maltrout512

    I see I want I make

    I think I am right in saying that this is my first post in Hand Tools. So yesterday I spent a little time making something that I always wanted to make. A London Pattern screwdriver. Requirements One old file Flat bit of brass oh and a little bit of wood. First the file Then shape...
  13. maltrout512

    Side table in oak. WIP,update 1

    Just started making a side table in oak. So far to date the legs are now fixed to the rails. May get some more time this week to fit the front rails to take two draws.
  14. maltrout512

    Some turning of late

    Here are some items that I have done in the last few days. A becker more to hold pens and pencils. (as it's laburnum) A goblet made from mountain ash A plate made from field maple A scoop made from yew and a stand to hold a hogget, made from yew All comments welcome.
  15. maltrout512

    Bit of turning

    Did a little bit of turning 4 table lamps and 4 church candle holders for a shop near my workshop. Table lamps 2 natural finish and 2 in a dark finish. The candle holders are done the same. Photos are not great but light in the shop didn't help.
  16. maltrout512

    Lathe for sale

    I have decided to sell the wadkin bxl. 3 phase with control box to run from 240, two face plates (in board and out board. 2 rests, 4 prong. A new belt fitted about two weeks ago. Would like £350 but near offers will be considered. It is taking up space. Will have to collect.
  17. maltrout512

    Advise Required

    I have never written asking for your help before, but I really need your advice. I have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The usual signs; phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. My wife has been going out with 'the girls' a lot recently although when...
  18. maltrout512


    A friend of mine phoned thursday evening asking if I would be interested in buying his bosses wood turning tools. He mentioned Sorby and one or two had a crown on them. That's all he could tell me. The price mentioned was about £150. As I hadn't seen them or knew what was there I said that I...
  19. maltrout512

    New, well new to me

    Traveled into deepest darkest Surrey last night on a mission. Well the mission was a great success. Unloaded this from the van this afternoon. (I had my weatabix this morning) Wire up a speed control box 3 ph as I only have single ph, and it works fine. I think it's a real gem.
  20. maltrout512

    Two Yew turnings

    Having seen turned objects with the bark left on hadn't appealed to me before until the other day I decided to see what I could do. So here we are some photos of the finished items. Both are Yew and have a button polish finish. Small bowl Small beaker, All comments welcome.