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  1. Sheptonphil

    Sash cramps

    After following another thread on here I’m about to make some casement windows from kits. It’s all our club can afford, and they look really good bespoke made to measure. However, I need longer cramps and came across these on sale at the moment. I’ve picked up four of them from Screwfix...
  2. Sheptonphil

    Kirsty’s homemade Christmas

    Well, did anyone see Kirsty get instruction in using a roughing gouge from ‘expert’ Ruth. Please, please don’t try using a roughing (or any other) gouge holding it with two hands on the handle, and no support anywhere near the rest. Kirsty even drifted off the left hand end and all but dove the...
  3. Sheptonphil

    Dust extractor automation/remote power on.

    I have my dust extractor located in an adjacent room. The intention is to automate the powering on and off of the extractor at each machine in the ducted system. The electrics are going to be hard wired to each blast gate with thin bell wire so the DX powers in when the blast gate is opened and...
  4. Sheptonphil

    SOLD***Jet DC1100 dust and chip collector **SOLD

    Selling my Jet DC1100 dust collector. I used it with a fixed ducted installation in my last workshop and it was intended to use it in my new build. However, the layout I have means this will not fit in the planned setup. It is a very powerful unit with either a single 6” inlet or twin 4”...
  5. Sheptonphil

    **SOLD**Gecko clamps for Hardie Plank **SOLD**

    Have a pair of Ghecko clamp gauges for Hardie Plank or similar cement board sidings. Have been used for one job to install 100 lengths of Hardie plank on my new workshop. Totally invaluable, I would have broken several lengths without them. Super condition, work perfect, there’s really...
  6. Sheptonphil

    New workshop for 2020

    Well, the time has come to embark on the new workshop build. I have been for pre-planning and have been advised that I have a very high chance of acceptance, he could see no reason to refuse permission based on their criteria. It will be built from the side of my house into the dead space on...
  7. Sheptonphil

    Another new house new workshop build.

    I am moving next month to a new house and after 15 years of having a 4.8m sq workshop I don’t want to go smaller. There is a double garage in the new house, but nothing else. The new house has a strip of ground to a side of the house where there are no windows. The scenario. The gap...
  8. Sheptonphil

    Private messaging

    Since the site update I am unable to pm anyone. When I tap on the avatar, there are two symbols at he lower right. The envelope, which I thought should be mail, is message, and the ‘bubbles’ which should be message is mail. However, when I try to message any member an error page comes up...
  9. Sheptonphil

    thicknesser choice, down to two

    I’m just about to lay down £380 on a Metabo DH330 thicknesser after lots of research. http://www.dm-tools.co.uk/product.php/s ... ln-Pkx2u70 It’s only for hobby use, a bit of segmented turning, reclaiming wood, and making stock to my own sizes for boxes etc. I've also looked, at the Jet...
  10. Sheptonphil

    Sharp recipe book

    Hi all The missus had a clear out this year and has 'tidied away' a cookery book which has a Christmas pudding recipe she has made for over 20 years. Do any of you happen to have this cookbook in the kitchen? Its the Sharp carousel cook book from 1991 and I have a picture of the front. I only...
  11. Sheptonphil

    Festool discount

    Hi all I am about to purchase a ts55 with tracks. Does anyone know the best place to either buy at the best price or where to obtain the Festool promotional £50 off vouchers. Thanks Phil
  12. Sheptonphil

    Trend dovetail bush

    Hi All I have a Trend DJ300 dovetailjig and lost the bush. On Saturday I was at Yandles and picked up a new bush from the Trend stand (Oh and a new T5) (oh and a triton TRA001) however I picked up a 15.8mm bush for the CDJ300, the DJ300 uses a 15.7mm Before I open it, would the 15.8mm work...
  13. Sheptonphil

    Stanlry TOP MIG1400

    Anyone have any thoughts on this Stanley welder? http://www.screwfix.com/p/stanley-top-m ... 7QodetMHKg Phil
  14. Sheptonphil

    Record 52E QR carpentry vice

    A heads up that there are some VERY competitively priced genuine Record (not Irvine Record) 52E quick release vices on the bay at the moment. I bought two at £22 each on a buy it now. Edit It appears he won't now put the rest in a bag for collection, but a bargain if you are local or know...
  15. Sheptonphil

    Building a router table, MOF001 or TRA001

    Hi all I am making a router table to fit in the space on a Bosch xts10 XC table saw when the right hand extension is out. I am going to use either a Triton MOF001 http://www.yandles.co.uk/triton-dual-mo ... 001/p13950 or TRA001 http://www.yandles.co.uk/triton-dual-mo ... 001/p13953 as 1 they...
  16. Sheptonphil

    Jet DC1100A extractor failure

    Hi All I have a slight problem with my DC1100a extractor The electric tripped and upon investigation found this start capacitor Run capacitor The capacitors seemed a little warm :shock: I can read the spec on the start capacitor, 200 MFD, 125 vac the run capacitor is melted at just...
  17. Sheptonphil

    Something for the range

    Had a request for a couple of pens made from empty shell casings, so made these two from once fired .308 rifle shells. Started off life as slim line kits and modified to fit. Phil
  18. Sheptonphil

    Motor capacitor tripping advice

    Hi All I have a hot tub that trips the breaker when pump 2 is started. Pumps 1 and 3 run fine. I have removed the terminal cover and the capacitor is shot, as in half of it melted away. it is a 1.27.6caz.mkp 30uf two wire going to motor terminals. I have removed the capacitor from the motor...
  19. Sheptonphil

    Fresh Yew wood

    I have been offered a, yet to be felled, yew tree from the local cemetery. :D Approx. 35ft tall 3ft across and of course all the branches up to 10 inches, 200 years+ old (some say 300 years old) . It will be felled professionally, and I can have as much wood as I care to collect. Is Yew...
  20. Sheptonphil

    Band saw replacement

    Hi all I have posted as above in tool advice and reviews. bandsaw-replacement-t94100.html If anyone has any input it would be appreciated. I have linked so as not to run two separate threads, so please reply on the tool advice forum. Many thanks :ho2 Phil