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  1. Sheptonphil

    Escape from the mrs shed

    Please don’t take this as a negative or derisory post, I love seeing other fellows builds. You’re probably looking at a ten year life for your floor supports, and you are putting the whole of the weight of the building on your fixings, not the support posts, by fixing them to the sides of the...
  2. Sheptonphil

    9m x 3.7m Workshop + Office - Header Design

    Yes, fireline was specified, twice the fire resistance of standard. Rockwool RW45 is better at acoustic insulation. I need that acoustic dampening rather than the absolute best thermal insulation. I don’t know the best insulation as far as fire resistance.
  3. Sheptonphil

    Anyone using Paslode 1st Fix Nailer

    I bought the 350+ New for my workshop build last year with the intention of moving it on after. Since then though it has been used on fencing, a framing project at the local bowls club, creation of an arbour and, now planning has been approved, a pavilion sized summerhouse in the garden. I have...
  4. Sheptonphil

    9m x 3.7m Workshop + Office - Header Design

    Same here, fibre cement planking to exterior, but I also had to have fireline plasterboard internally. All built on a wooden frame with rockwool RW45 insulation which is also fireproof.
  5. Sheptonphil

    Sneaky Amazon

    A call or chat to Amazon and they will cancel the Prime membership and refund your fee, assuming you haven’t used the Prime benefits yet. I had to do this when I found out they had charged a duplicate Prime membership when I trialled the business account. It was absolutely no problem to get the...
  6. Sheptonphil

    Lets talk lawn mowers.

    I had nearly an acre of paddock and tiered grass to cut. I bought and sold the tie on, it wasn’t practical for the tiers. I replaced it with a champion, which lasted four weeks. Then it was replaced with a serious Toro 22” auto pace walk behind mower, which went at any pace you walked at. I sold...
  7. Sheptonphil

    Spring time power washing

    Me too, I didn’t want a clinical look, and weathered is good. But it was just plain dirty. Front of house was as bad, we moved in a year ago and hated it from the start. It took twenty year to get like it, so this should look decent for a few years.
  8. Sheptonphil

    Spring time power washing

    I used Sodium hypocrite 15% diluted three parts water to 1 part hypo to clean this wall of black algae. Power washer, even with the pointed lance was ineffective. I brushed this solution on, left for one hour and brushed off with a hose fed brush And final wash with the wide blade power wash...
  9. Sheptonphil

    Bedac barn paint

    I used the dark green satin on my wooden garage doors. It’s a soft sheen, and allows the dirt to wash off when it rains. Six months after application and it looks as clean as the day it was applied. Not sure the self cleaning aspect is of any consequence on a fence, but I’d have used Matt for a...
  10. Sheptonphil

    Neighbour's circular saw accident

    When pictures like this are used to actually sell chainsaws, it’s hardly surprising novices think they are only toys, not items of self mutilation. Could be steel toe caps I guess?
  11. Sheptonphil

    Lockdown Workshop Build

    My next built to start at the beginning of April is a 4mx5m open fronted summerhouse with pyramid roof. We do not have any permitted development rights here, so I have applied for planning permission. I MAY have ’got away with it’, but the cost and effort involved in building it, is not worth...
  12. Sheptonphil

    Lockdown Workshop Build

    Hi Placks Mike no longer posts on their forum. you are correct, under 15sqm (internal area) can be up to your boundary. this of course assumes there are no special restrictions in your local area. Next criteria is as you state, 15-30sqm predominantly non combustible materials (different local...
  13. Sheptonphil

    Mini CNC machine

    Paul, whilst not Uk manufactured you can get UK sourced CNCs. I have the Inventables Xcarve, a 1000x1000mm cnc which I have also attached a 7w diode laser head to. When restrictions are lifted you’re welcome to pop over to Shepton to see it working and it’s capabilities To see if it’s the sort...
  14. Sheptonphil

    Main Angle grinder

    Hi, if that falls through, may I have a shout at it. I can pop over any time you’re free. thanks phil
  15. Sheptonphil

    Planar thicknesser advice

    Does the wood drag on the tables Causing undue strain? Try waxing the input and output tables with machine lubricating wax. I also found when I wanted to thickness a short length of wood from outside, the high moisture content made the planer work much harder.
  16. Sheptonphil

    The most frustrating thing you have encountered lately

    Constituent component of Boots spectacle cleansing wipes, ‘isopropyl alcohol 1%’
  17. Sheptonphil

    Planning Application Objection

    Excellent news, I too know only too well the wait and worry as it grinds through the planning process. Such a relief when you get the sign of. look forward to the WIP
  18. Sheptonphil

    Few questions on a shed/workshop build

    After framing, I did on one long side put the membrane and counter battens on before erecting that side, as I had no further access to that side externally until I removed the fence for replacement and did the cladding at the same time. My work sequence was erect frame, membrane and counter...
  19. Sheptonphil

    Moving 18mm sheets without killing myself

    Not one damaged sheet. I’m certainly not as strong in the arm as I used to be, and with the sheet in balance, the big muscles in arm and leg are doing all the lifting. Fingers, wrist and back don’t take any strain.