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    Up for grabs if anybody is interested

    HP Designjet 420C Plotter. Its a huge beast upto A1 I think, been so long since I last used it I cant remember. Its superb for plotting plans and cad drawings but unfortunately I just don't have the space for it anymore and its collecting dust. If anybody wants it and can collect from...
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    Wohoo, new timber supplier in the cambs area

    Been meaning to post this for a week or more now but I lost the clipping out of the paper. Huntingdon Timber Supplies has just opened in a 40,000sq ft undercover premises in the centre of huntingdon, blimey that must be nearly as big as charleys workshop :lol: They seem to be supplying a...
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    Didnt been to ally pally 2 day

    Cos a clients mail server hit the poo chute and muggins here had to pick up the pieces. I give up, I am destined to never make another woody show again I soo wanted to have a play of some new planes and spend some money :cry: Got on site sat night at 9:30pm and just got home at 9PM Sunday...
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    Ok, no nail guns allowed

    http://www.big-boys.com/articles/hammernail.html I got up to £120 quid before I ran out of time Think I might have to use this before I go into the workshop in the hopes ill miss my real thumb :) Signal
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    First ever time ive been bitten in the workshop other than the odd nick or splinter. Running a lump of poplar over the surface planer yesterday I somehow managed to flip the gaurd off and then plane the tips of my right index and middle fingers. Dunno how it happened yet as I didnt hang about...
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    Any one else having a day like mine?

    Go out to car to take kids to school wont start, not sure if its Starter motor or the battery, Grumble!!! Walk kids to school Grumble Grumble, See school secretary who lives near us, wave to see if she will give us a lift, no she just waves back and sails by GRUMBLE!!! Half way Erin yells...
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    Well Ive gone and done it now aint I

    Spent the whole evening in the WS "fettling" 2 No 4's for a fiver and a 5 1/2 for a tenner 1 of the 4s is obvioulsy quite new but the other well quite old I suppose. No identifying marks other than stanley and bailey and I wouldn't know where to begin. The older one was in a terrible state...
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    JCB Leccy Nail Gun

    Mini gloat this one, 19.99 + dreaded in Makros takes 15mm and 10mm brads so is fine for fitting some mouldings etc Very sturdily built, looks like an air nailer, all metal construction. Fired about 30 15mm pins into a fence panel outside the back door, didn't have anything else to hand :lol...
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    Gill is this your shed?

    http://www.readersheds.co.uk/readershed ... RESHED=164
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    Heads up theres a new fast spreading virus out there

    Its called DOOMA is spread via email from MS platforms and if infected will lauch a DOS attack against SCO's website. It will also attempt to mail itself out from infected machines to all in address book. Ive stoped 43 in the past ten minutes so it looks like its gonna be another big one. If...
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    PHP error

    Hiya chuck, just got the following error "phpBB : Critical Error Could not connect to the database " This happened after Icliked on the following link in an email https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/view ... =6021#6021 Cheers Signal
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    Any Cut list users out there?

    Dear Droopa, Just stuck the dimensions of the parts in for a sideboard along with some new materials in european oak and prices from sl hard woods, just to get a ball park. Now I know for sure that £74 for material cost is wrong Ive obviously cocked up the material entries, for...
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    Hiya Chuck <G>

    Nothing serious, just been loking at the free plans section and unfortunately only the cd end table works now, all the others are either down on on MSN which you now need to subscribe to. Cheers Signal
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    Virus Alert

    Morning folks, just a little warning that Swen-A, a new virus is now popping up regularly in my in box. It comes in as a secuity warning from Microsoft as a very authentic looking HTML message. It will have an executable attachment which will cause all sorts of bother for you if it gets...
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    Drawer Lock Bit

    Hi all thanks charley for the how to on the drawer lock bit. Went to use mine yesterday and having never seen the joint before and there being no details with the bit I gave up. Found your how to this morning and set off the the workshop with a copy in my hands. After my first drawer...